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Album Review: Young Chozen – G.L.O.W.

Young Chozen Album Review

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Young Chozen has been making music for a long time now. From The Recess EP to his latest free mixtape Nightlights, Young Chozen has been targeting young people, and showing them it’s okay to love God and have fun. I can’t say that I’ve heard him make music that seemed as if it was for a more mature audience. I think that’s important to note if you are not familiar with his music, so that you can understand the kind of music that he makes. His debut album, Class President was under the label Watts, LLC last year in March. This year, Young Chozen put out his first independent album G.L.O.W. (Give Love Out Willingly).

This album is consistent with the fun sound that we have heard from him in the past. His music is perfect for parties. He keeps up with the commercial house music sound, providing a great atmosphere to get people together and wild out. It’s not your average hip hop sound, but it definitely has the feel-good vibe. In this album review, we will look at the ups and downs of G.L.O.W..

The Bad

As I stated before, you have to understand the type of music that Young Chozen makes before you judge it. His songs are simple and do not have complex rhyme schemes. He knows his audience, so that was not the area I was critiquing while listening.

First, his album started with a song called “Right Here, Right Now.” When it first came on, I was like “Hey … is this a free project?” I said that because of how much the song sounded like “Die Young” by Ke$ha. I get that he’s developed a fan base by making covers over popular beats. However, this album was not a free song on a mixtape, so it lacked originality. It did not seem like a good song choice for the first track of an album. Also, the third song on the album was called “Stanky Face,” and it contained some of the synths far too familiar to the “Harlem Shake” song. As much as I wanted to jam to the song, I kept hearing “do the Harlem Shake!” in my head. This was his first independent album, so it was the perfect stage to showcase who he is. Instead, it came off like he had gotten so used to borrowing beats for mixtapes, that his original songs sounded borrowed.

Next, was the singing. I’m all for a rapper trying to sing a little here and there, but some of it sounded forced, like on “Beat of Your Heart.” It threw me off a little when Young Chozen was singing, and I felt like a replacement would have been just fine. And when it came to production, there was something off in the mixing that made it sound like it was poorly produced. With the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) movement growing so fast, the singers can make or break the feel of the entire song. On G.L.O.W., the singing felt a tad sub-par.

Last, the production and music. Young Chozen is a talented artist and he’s made some great music in the past. Although he has done covers or remakes, he’s had moments where the sound was crisp. I cannot say that about this project. As I referenced above, there were moments where the mixing seemed to be off. It sometimes sounded like he may have rushed a little on the production side of things. Some songs had potential, but it seemed like instead of working out the little kinks, they decided to finish the song. It is often caring about the small details that can help songs go from good to great.

The Good

Young Chozen does a great job inspiring his audience. Simply from listening, I can imagine kids from middle school to early high school ages going wild. It’s fun and positive. As I’ve stated in a review before, the younger generation does not pay as much attention to lyrical detail. Young Chozen knows how to captivate the audience and inspire them to dance, have fun and love God.

He did a great job sticking to his concept, Give Love Out Willingly. In almost each song, he weaved in lyrics about giving love, showing love, and being love to others. You can hear his heart for young people all throughout this record. The album was only 11 tracks, but he did a great job delivering the G.L.O.W message.


As you can see, the bad outweighed the good for me with this project. Young Chozen is gifted and skilled, but I felt that this album did not showcase all that he has to offer. He makes great party music, it just felt like it would not hold up against some of the other hot EDM songs that are currently out. I do not know the details about how much of a budget he had to work with, but it felt like this album could have been taken to another level with some more time and effort. I would, however, encourage you to check out G.L.O.W. because it is extremely positive and full of energy. It wasn’t all bad, I just wanted more from Young Chozen and the project.

You can go grab the album here!

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