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Album Review: V. Rose – Forever After


Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O

In the history of our country, music styles can be defined by decades, like the 60’s 70’s etc, but since the early 1990’s, the trends have begun changing every 5-6 years or so. Within the past few years, we have seen the rise of popularity in a new form of dance music, which is more regularly classified as “EDM”. However, the issue with most dance music, and most secular music in general, is that its content is full of stuff that, if we’re being real, doesn’t support the Christian life; drinking, partying all night, and doing whatever you feel like because “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) . Having fun shouldn’t come at the cost of our soul, and V. Rose believes this to be true 100%.

Her new album Forever After sets out to disconnect people from society’s philosophy of “Do what thou wilt” that is being pushed through the music of today. The Wade O Radio Show has interviewed V. Rose before and heard her heart on desiring more for the young ladies to cling to from their musical influences. She wisely uses this new album as a platform to uplift her sisters, as well as all people struggling through self worth issues, and the way that she breaks it down in this project makes it enjoyable. Here are three reasons why this album is more than “just an alternative” to the popular music of today.


V. Rose is very cognizant of the way that women aren’t uplifted in the world’s music. They are consistently referred to as objects, told to get lost in their feelings without a care, and are never fed anything healthy for their spirit’s. This album is a direct attack at what pop culture’s image of being a girl is in two ways. The first direction of attack is through encouragement. Track 2 is reminiscent of an average teen girl’s thoughts; having to look at magazines with “perfect” models, not looking like anyone at school, and just not impressed with who she is overall. But all thats wiped away with the realization that even though life can be hard, she is created with a purpose by God, unique and different for a reason, so no one can be her better than HER!

Continuing on the encouragement flow, “Nothing For Love” is a high energy dance track that is all about God being able to handle everything that you may think about yourself. And “Worshipping Tonight” brings the encouragement of the spirit by making you wanna dance while worshipping Christ.

The second way that Forever After attacks the world’s standards is with demolition of philosophy. A lot of popular music content is very selfish and self destructive. Much of V. Rose’s songs are directly against this type of thinking, partnered with spot-on contextual songwriting and music production. The “Am I Trending?” Goes directly at the jugular of vanity, creating a visual of how dumb it looks to be so caught up in the approval of others. She makes it clear how you can’t focus on God and focus on keeping up your appearance, and stresses the need to make a choice between the two.

“When He Finds You” breaks down the lie of partying life – saying how we are more than the money we spend as well as the amount of friends we have. She makes it clear that this lifestyle is a quick way to throw away your dreams as she reveals that the true void filling is  ultimately in God. And since this album is full of EDM tracks, all of the songs are against the status quo’s belief that you need to be under some form of intoxication to have fun and be fullfilled.


Pop songs typically do not have much substance. Thats why they’re called pop. But V. Rose’s challenge was to make authentic pop music without dumbing down her message. What I enjoyed about Forever After was the authenticity of the sound. Christian music feels cheap when it sounds like a point-for-point copy of what the world is doing. I liked that, all things considered, it didn’t sound like a copy of anything pop that you hear on the radio and in stores.

The team at Clear Sight Music & Spechouse did a great job creating a sound specifically for V. Rose within the genre they were reaching to affect. The tracks let her showcase her vocal ability, while being contemporary in its delivery. She didn’t have to dumb down her message to fit the structure of the world’s style, which gave musical freedom for many of the tracks to “breathe”.

Overall, the songs are uplifting and God-directed and its just great dance music as well. I found myself nodding along to “Worshipping Tonight”, “Forever Endeavor”, “Nothing For Love”, and “Forget About The World”, just to name a few.


If you’ve heard enough EDM tracks in your life, you know the basic template is get someone who can carry a decent note and put a good helping of autotune on them, then throw in some pulsing synthesizer sounds, and have a breakdown with hard hitting bass every once and awhile. But here me now: V. Rose breaks that mold.  She is a Singer! This girl can blow, and her voice has such an enjoyable tone.

The album opens up with a prequel to the first song, “No Better U”, with a intricate vocal performance to the song’s chorus. It was like having an entire choir of V. Roses singing to me. It was beautiful. Her singing ability halts the NEED for autotune as correction and drives its use for creative expression within an already electronic-sounding track.

Another standout track is “Crown Thief.” On it, V discusses trusting The Lord’s Word above everything else. The combination of smooth backing music with the way she sings the chorus provides for a great combination.  This is one of many songs on the album in which her melody, tone, lyrics and sound on the chorus come together well. I’d create an obvious redundancy in my review if I were to mention each one.


Forever After is a top quality project with great production, uplifting messages, and a Christ honoring direction. V. Rose is a great singer and her love for worship is clear in her passionate vocal performance. If you like to dance, if are looking for something to be both uplifting in content and tempo, Forever After is a recommended addition to your music collection. The songs are far from forgettable and they’re great for persons of any age. We need more women in the forefront worth supporting, and V. Rose is a woman of God I can support without any reservations.

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Daniel Cody is the engineer for the Wade-O Radio podcast and producer of The Life Change radio program for 4th Generation Ministries. He has a Bachelors Degree in Music Production & Record Engineering. He has a passion for authentic rap about the Gospel and collaborates with all genres of Christian music with his production company - Man of God Productions. Follow him on Twitter @DRoyulMOG.

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