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Album Review: Social Club- Misfits

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

A couple of “Misfits” creating their own lane and paving the way for more “Misfits” like them

One of my favorite things about music, is when a new artist (or in this case artists) bursts onto the scene. Maybe it’s the surprise factor that’s involved or just that I like to see the genre expand in talent and grow. Either way, I love when a new artist can make a splash. 2012 had a few splashes from some new/relatively new artists, and the group Social Club, has definitely thrown their name into that conversation.

The South Florida duo that is made up of Martymar and F.E.R.N. have had an amazing year. From being one of Rapzilla’s Top 12 Freshman of 2012 with only a few tracks out to collaborating with the likes of CHH heavyweights Dre Murray, Alex Faith and Rhema Soul, and then they topped it off with a critically acclaimed project; “Misfits.” Social Club has shown their incredible talent and creativity throughout the whole year. It’s that and the groups straight forward honesty that has created the “Social Club Misfits” movement in South Florida.

I had the opportunity to talk to Martymar about Social Club and how it all began. The top portion is from my interview with him, and further down you will find the Misfits album review.

We caught up on the phone and talked Good City Music, the purpose behind their music and how Twitter played a big role in the beginning of Social Club:

Aubrey: So, how did the group start?

Martymar: Well, it started about two years ago. F.E.R.N. had just got out of prison, where he got saved, and was making Christian music. He hit me up on Twitter, and he ended up hitting me up on Twitter so much that I finally checked him out and I thought his music was awesome. So from there we did a song together with Butta P on my mixtape. After that we chilled for a little bit. Then out of nowhere we just connected and the rest has been history. So “Social Club” has been officially together for about a year now.

Aubrey: What’s Social Club’s affiliation with Good City Music?

Martymar: Good City Music in 4 words is “Dope Beats and Good Music.” It’s not a label, we’re more like a team. And it’s us, Rey King, Rhema Soul and Anthony Rose, and we’re trying to put Florida on the map. Rhema Soul are our biggest supporters. They have been there from the beginning and they help us with anything we need. They advise us on things to do and not do on the music side. They have been a huge help to us and we love those guys!

Aubrey: What’s the idea behind the name “Social Club”?

Martymar: Where my family and I used to live in New York was a mob infested area. In the area there were these places called “Social Clubs.” “Social Clubs” was a place where mobsters could go in and talk about any of the things that they’ve done and not be judged, kind of like a safe haven. So we’re putting our own twist on that idea. So “Social Club” to us is a place where people can be honest about every single thing without the fear of judgement. And we can say that we struggle just like you but there’s hope in Jesus Christ.

Aubrey: One of the things that I have noticed about the group is your honesty. Is that your style? Or is that something you use to fit into the “Social Club” concept?

Martymar: That’s really my style. I’ve never been a good “Christian” Rapper. I don’t preach the gospel well in my rhymes but there is one thing that I can talk about well and that’s my life and how Jesus has changed me.

Aubrey: So what do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

Martymar: That your are not alone. There are people out there struggling just like you. Our difference is that we have hope, that you can only find in Jesus. It’s hard to think that you’re alone and when your struggling sometimes you feel alone, but we want to communicate to that person that you’re not alone. We are struggling too. And we’re here to walk through it with you.

“Misfits” Album Review

 In the music industry, it’s real easy to start doing what other people are doing, if it works. Originality and creativity can be lost very easily. So anytime music comes out that is different than anything else out, it is a true breathe of fresh air. That’s what Social Club did with their new record Misfits.  From the album artwork to the title of the tracks to the actual songs themselves, everything about Misfits is different from anything else out.

There were 3 things that jumped out and grabbed me as I listened to Social Club’s Misfits:


Creativity is a tricky word. If an artist makes something unique and trend-setting it can be labeled as creative. If an artist makes music that is different, but it doesn’t sound good it’s wack. The creative line is a very thin line for an artist to try to walk. On Misfits Social Club walks that line gracefully. This record has a very unique sound that fits this group beautifully. From the patented “Social Club is the best” that opens most songs, to the honest and differentiated topics they cover, Misfits is a wonderfully creative record.


There are few things that I appreciate from an artist more than honesty. After listening to Misfits, if I said anything about the duo, I would have to say that they are honest. Martymar and F.E.R.N. delve deep into their personal lives and struggles, seemingly on every track. Their level of honesty makes it easy to connect with them. Whether or not your struggles are the same as theirs, you can connect with them because of their transparency. Social club gives you a lot to chew on in each track. That takes the listening experience up a few notches. Misfits is more than just music. It will connect you with God in a self-reflective way, that is unique and hard to find.


It’s not just clever track names and gut-wrenching honesty with this group. They are also incredible lyricists. They are able to weave a variety of personal stories with clever punchlines in a way that will satisfy any true fan on lyricism. From track to track Martymar and F.E.R.N. trade out lyrical gems. They even hold their own with the likes of Dre Murray, Alex Faith and Rhema Soul, which is never an easy task.  Misfits is a phenomenal display of lyricism, in every way.


I only heard Social Club a few times before Misfits came out. I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was taken aback by their honesty and unique style. But the more and more I listen to this record, the better and better it gets. It truly has something for every fan. There is a variety in sound and production. It is lyrically strong, personal and transparent. It is creative and unique, personal and very honest. Misfits is a great record that should be in everyone’s iPod.

If you are a fan of music or you’re looking for a great message, this is the record and group for you. This is a solid group that has done nothing but impress at every turn. It is much more than music with Social Club. With their passion for people and incredible talent, Social Club will be shooting straight to the top.

You can reach Social Club on Twitter:

Group: @socialxclub

Martymar: @deathbymartymar

F.E.R.N.: @followfern

To get the free project and hear more music from Social Club click HERE

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