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Album Review: Social Club – Misfits 2

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O

In 2006 a movie called “The Prestige” came out. The movie was about two competing magicians (played by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman). Throughout the film they continually go back and forth trying to one up and sabotage each other. Christian Bale’s character is the more cerebral of the two and he is constantly thinking of his act and how to make it better. He was always talking about sacrifice and living his act. He spoke about how his act was more than what he did on stage, but that his life was his act (this turned out to be one of the major themes of the movie).

That idea from “The Prestige” is a good picture of Social Club and the Misfit movement. Martymar and FERN don’t just rap about this “misfit” thing; they truly and totally live it. Everything about Social Club is “Misfits”. That is what makes them such a likeable group, and it is a big reason for their meteoric rise in CHH. The weird, sometimes random, and very real things they rap about are exactly who they are outside of the booth. People connect with that and over the past two years plenty of CHH fans have connected with what Social Club is doing. On April 29th the duo is giving fans something else to connect with by releasing their newest project Misfits 2.

New Record, Same Message

Fans love to feel like they are apart of what their favorite artist is doing. Even bigger than that, people enjoy being apart of something that is bigger than them. That is why sports are such a huge phenomena. Social Club provides both of these things for their fans and Misfits 2 is yet another manifestation of that.

The intro track “Misfits” features the man (Pastor Chris Durso) who inspired the Social Club Misfit movement. On this track Pastor Durso beautifully lays out what it means to be a “misfit” by saying, “A misfit is one who is uncomfortable with his or her surroundings and is seen to be disturbingly different than others.” Marty goes on to show what Social Club is all about on “Mxsfit Lxvin” when he spits:

“We make those songs for those kids that feel like they’re all alone

Like nobody is home, we put our lives in songs”

This is the message that brings people into this movement. There are CHH fans all over that claim to be “misfits” because of this message. Social Club has this unique ability to make every fan feel like they are apart of Social Club. Misfits 2 is just another example of this. It’s a great message that has yet to grow old and doesn’t seem to be getting stale anytime soon.

Misfit Music

A message can ignite a movement, but for a musician the only way to keep the movement strong is with the music. This is an area where Social Club showed considerable growth on Misfits 2. This record showed how the duo has grown as individual artists and as song makers. Anytime you’re measuring growth (or just music in general) you have to take into account the expectations. If you’re coming into this record expecting deep conceptual lyricism with multiple entendres, metaphors and similes, then you’ve come to the wrong place. You’re also not going to get the lyrical theology with expository breakdowns of scripture. That’s not what Misfits 2 is about. You will, however, get some excellent production from the likes of Gawvi and D-flow. It also has the variety of sound that Social Club fans have come to expect, which is a sound that is off center, versatile and up-tempo.

Tracks like “Coogi Sweater” featuring Andy Mineo and “Cops” highlight some of the individual growth from each member. On “Coogi Sweater” you hear the evolution of Martymar’s flow and delivery. He has grown in strides in this area. He now carries a smooth consistent flow that rides the beat beautifully. “Cops” showcases FERN’s presence and consistency. FERN has always been a beast, but he is more consistent, which gives him a much stronger presence. On this track specifically, FERN also shows off a little conceptual lyricism.

The great song making was on showcase time and time again throughout the record, but the biggest standout has to be the Marz assisted “My Eyes Burn”. From the first sound you can hear that this track is a little different from the norm, and it turned into a beautiful mixture of talents and styles. The hard bass was complimented well by the soft keys. Marty and FERN did their thing and it was all topped off with the beautifully unique voice of Marz. All together, it is music that is top-notch on Misfits 2.


This record is for the Misfits. It’s for the people who don’t really feel like they fit in. It’s for the unique people who just wants to wild out in the car and listen to music. It’s for weird people who want to be accepted for who they are. Misfits 2 is music for the movement that Social Club has created. If you don’t understand the movement then you probably won’t really like this record. But if you do understand this movement and are a “Misfit” then this will be your soundtrack for the next several months. Either way Misfits 2 shows that Social Club isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and while they’re here they are only going to get better. So sit back, hit play, grab a slice of pizza and enjoy the party.

Social Club’s Misfits 2 is set to be released Tuesday, April 29, and is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

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