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Album Review: Skrip – The Und_rscore II

skrip und_rscore album review

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Can Skrip the Producer make it as Skrip the Rapper?

There seems to be a trend with producers becoming rappers. Although many producers try to tap into the art of rap, not all producers can rap. Some, just flat out, should stick to producing. I was wondering if I was going to feel that way about Skrip. I was pleasantly surprised. I know he has been getting a lot of hype from Rapzilla (being he’s the first Artist signed to their label, Infiltrate Music) and other well known artists in the game, but I was not convinced.

I went back and re-listened to the first Und_rscore, and that’s when I became just like everyone else. He really showed out lyrically on that album and I was excited to hear what he had to say on this follow up project. On this album, he proved that he could both rap and produce with ease. With smooth lyricism, he boldly addressed different subjects.

Production & Creativity

Skrip has produced for artists such as Thi’sl (Beautiful Monster), Andy Mineo (Formerly Known), and was a fierce competitor in the latest Flavor Fest Beat Battle. I definitely respect him as a producer. I was expecting good production, but I honestly was not expecting great production, because he was also rapping. I felt like the production exceeded my expectations. From the beats to the vocals, the entire album has great clarity. Some mixtapes fail in this department. Not this one. If you listened to The Und_rscore II, you find out quickly that he is not your average producer. He uses what I’d like to call, ‘abstract creativity.’ You have to think outside the box to catch on to what is going on.

He used a variety of samples and interludes to keep the listener engaged. What I liked most about how he creatively put this project together is that a lot of it is up to interpretation. The album starts with a piece about vigorous creation and how the more vigorously creative you get, the more naked you show yourself. I think people can take that many ways. I took it as, the more you express yourself creatively, the more the real you is shown to others. The way he weaved his own creativity through his lyrics and production, I felt that he showed a lot of himself to the listeners.

Lyrics & Concept

I felt like The Und_rscore II established Skrip as a lyricist. He can dance over a beat lyrically and not miss a step. Tracks like “Stop It,” “Say,” “It is Written,” and “ThassaLie” show off his lyrical skill. His word choice is a little more rugged than people may like, but they also cannot deny his lyrical skill throughout this project. I guess that is the beauty of producing your own album.  You can make beats that bear hug the lyrics. As he showcased his artistry, he did a great job with sticking to the theme of each song. I know that should be a given, but some artists have lyrics that don’t always match the song title.

On this project, I felt like Skrip joined the song concept and his lyrics very well. One of my favorite songs on it is “Three Girls.” I’m a huge advocate for women knowing their worth and clinging to the Christ that gives all fulfillment. He says, “Chasing goals to try to prove yourself/ is chasing vanity and foolishness, you’re losin’ yourself (don’t).”  I felt that through Skrip’s lyricism and content, you heard his heart for God and passion to protect His name.


After finishing the album, there were only two songs that I thought needed work. I felt that “Illogical” almost had a feel that celebrated falling short rather than being broken over it. I get that it was about how our walk can feel illogical while battling sin, but the emphasis on the sin was too heavy for me. Also, “It Is Written” was a beast lyrically, but I don’t think he should not have used the word “damn.” I say this not to get in a debate about what a curse word is or isn’t, but because his song was about many artists disrespecting our Lord with their words.

In turn, he used a word that threw believers off course. When the comments section on a song is all about one word, the message is lost. I felt that the song was too important to have people miss the message, due to poor word choice. Despite those two issues, Skrip proved that he is a producer that also deserves a spot in the booth. This was a great debut project for Infiltrate Music’s first signee. Go check it out and enjoy!

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