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Album Review: Sheena Lee – Destiny

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

As a fan of any genre, it can be frustrating when an artist says that their project is ‘coming soon,’ but months may pass and a mention of a soon to be released project is no more. Life can intervene with what you’re trying to accomplish, or the direction of your project may change. But whatever the circumstance, this can be both frustrating for anticipating fans and artists seeking to put out the best product possible.

This can be said of Christian R&B/Pop singer Sheena Lee, who has been working on her debut project for sometime now and on August 6th, 2013, she finally released her long awaited album, Destiny.

A project she hopes will help people understand their purpose and destiny in Christ.

Sheena Lee background story

Lee is a Queens, New York native who has constantly been around music since she was two-years-old and has a background in Jazz Ensemble.

In 2002, Lee was involved in a holy hip-hop and R&B ministry known as T.R.U.C.E. (To Reach Urban Communities Everywhere), under the leadership of Nicky Cruz Outreach. As one of the lead artists, Lee appeared on three T.R.U.C.E albums. She has also had the opportunity to sing alongside major Christian recording artists like Rev. Hezekiah Walker, Mary Mary, Tye Tribbett, Group 1 Crew, Cissy Houston, Fred Hammond and more. She has also performed at Flavor Fest 2012 and has toured with God Belongs in My City in New York and Florida.

My first introduction to Lee was on Andy Mineo’s (at the time, known as C-Lite) “No Tombstone” record, but it didn’t showcase the bulk of what she is capable of. She has also been featured on HeeSun Lee’s “I’m Supposed To Be” and Andy Mineo’s Saturday Morning Car-Tunez “Next Episode.”

The Message

From the beginning to end of Destiny, you will know what Sheena Lee is trying to get across to her listening audience. It is a message about Christ, her faith and purpose in Him, and for others to worship Him along with her.

In Destiny, she talks about fulfilling the purpose God has for your life, crying out to God to be whole again, seeking more of Him and praising God for having everything under control.

This is my destiny, believing that I can be all that He wants of me” is the chorus that is echoed in the title track. The album title and lead single is not only what Lee declares for her life, but for others as well. She passionately declares it in this project, as it is easily woven throughout it.

Destiny can minister to many due to its positive and encouraging message. Lee’s faith in Christ is evident through her tone of voice, upbeat production and lyrics.

The Balance

I believe that Lee truly made sure that there was a great deal of balance to this project. She was able to fuse both R&B and Pop influences nicely. Every song flowed evenly from track to track. You won’t find heavy hitting beats but more of a light Sunday afternoon feel, where you’re relaxing, sitting on the porch, sipping on some ice tea, and thinking upon the Lord’s goodness and love.

This is echoed in tracks like “Caught Up,” “Cry for Grace,” “Praize” and “Gotta Get Away.”

Though Lee has features from Rev. Hezekiah Walker, Benjah and Andy Mineo, I felt as if she was able to hold her own, and I wouldn’t have minded her being all solo dolo on this project.

The mood or structure of the album starts out upbeat and then transitions into more of a slow pace, mixed with praise and worship style tracks. The album does end on an upbeat one, with an EDM (electronic dance music) style influenced track.

Replay value

Destiny is a nine track project that has lots of replay value. The structure, production and content of the album makes it easy to listen to. There are no major complexities to it and what you hear is what you get.

When it comes to standout tracks, “More” is hands down the best track on the album. This song leads you to worship the Lord with a heart seeking to have more and all of Him. If that is not your heart’s cry, I don’t know what should be.

For more of your upbeat standout tracks, that can be found in tracks like “H20” and “As Long As I Live.”


I don’t know if there is necessarily a category to place Sheena Lee in, though the style that was displayed in Destiny was R&B/Pop, I feel that she has the ability to produce a strong full length project. This introduction to who she is and what she represents was light and a little refreshing.

Lee stayed true to who she is. An individual who not only loves the Lord, but loves music. Her passion is heard through each smooth, but sometimes raspy tone, which is not strained, but passionately vocalized.

Destiny is a project that will ask you what your purpose in the Lord is and will have you worshiping God and thinking of His grace, mercy and love.

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