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Album Review: Sauce Remix – One

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

I love the summer time. Great music comes out that makes you want to just roll down your windows and blast it around the neighborhood. Now don’t get me wrong, I love boom bap beats and lyricism, but I thoroughly enjoy music that stirs me to get a little hyped.

I also enjoy a fresh voice. That is how I felt with Sauce Remix on his latest project, One.

The first time I heard Sauce was in 2011 when he put out the Soul Food mixtape. The Sauce Remix that I heard then, sounds much different from the Sauce that I hear now.

In this album review, I want to share some things that I’ve noticed since his last project Soul Food.

His Flow

I have to say that Sauce caught my ear from the first track (and title track), “One.” His flow sounds much more polished as he bounced over the gritty beats with ease. He rapped with a strong confidence that will have the listener leaning in to hear all that he has to say. He was able to pull off confidence and humility, that is often difficult to do in hip-hop, and that is why his flow impressed me.

I also enjoyed his consistency. All of his songs were not gritty, but songs like “The Reminiscent,” “One For The Hood,” and “Skyline Dreams” are examples of how Sauce can tackle beats slow or fast and remain true to his personal style. This caught my ear because in the songs aforementioned, the content was a lot more personal and he was not afraid to share his heart. As a whole, you were able to hear both a confident and meek rapper, depending on the specific track.

The blend of both on this album made me truly respect his artistry.


As we’ve stated in other album reviews, Christian Hip Hop is raising the bar when it comes to production. To be honest, I expect it from some of the more popular labels because they have more money to work with. However, I’m not as confident when it comes to artists without a major team behind them.

That was not the case on this project. The music on this One was really good. Not only that, it was very clear in my headphones.  Tracks like “One,” “Go,” “I’m Bout It”, and “E.O.C” will surely have the listener hitting replay. The music complimented the message so well. He brought a message for people in the hood and I think that the beats alone could attract people of that demographic. Simply put, the beats knock.

I noticed that this project had a vastly different sound from Soul Food. Soul Food had beats that were more mellow and full of samples, similar to early Kanye West productions (College Dropout, Late Registration). On the other hand, One had more trap beats along with commercial hip-hop/pop beats. I think this enhanced the listening experience because the beats matched the content. Soul Food had gritty topics, but the music was very calm.


I really enjoyed this aspect of the album. He seemed to be speaking to the urban youth culture and the hood. I love how many different rappers speak to that culture in our scene, but I really enjoyed how Sauce Remix brought it across on this record.

He rapped in a way that was very encouraging. He challenged the mindsets that are often in those areas (chasing money, drugs, and women) but he spoke from experience and in humility. I felt that if I was a teen and heard this album, I would be encouraged to search for something more in life. Songs like “The Reminiscent,” “Gunshots,” “I’m Bout It,” and “Daddy’s Favorite Girls” capture what I’m saying best. He not only talked about what he experienced, but also about how his life was changed. When he did this, he infused so much hope in each line that it would be hard to not be encouraged.

I felt that his message of hope for those going through struggles and trying to make it out of the hood, was so strong on this record. I believe that some of the songs have the ability to change the minds of some of our youth. However, I do not feel that is not the only audience that will enjoy this record. I want to be clear that this is a record and a message that many people will enjoy. I simply feel that it has the potential to stir up an enormous amount of hope in the younger listeners.


Overall, I really enjoyed this project. There were many memorable moments and I think there was a lot of life breathed into each lyric. I think that some people may feel that his consistent flow could possibly be a hindrance, as some people like diversity. I also think that some of the “trap” sounding songs sound similar and that may be tough for some listeners. I do not think that either of those took away from my listening experience.

Sauce Remix dropped an album with great music, production and content. If you have not heard Sauce Remix’s music, this is definitely an album you should check out. Also, if you know people (believer or non-believer) that may need to hear an encouraging record, this album will benefit them greatly.

You can get the album HERE.

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