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Album Review: Roy Tosh – The Revert

Roy Tosh Album Review
Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

With a name change comes a new start and the opportunity to re-introduce yourself to the world. This new beginning starts now for Roy Tosh. After releasing an explanation as to why he decided to give up his former stage name of 737, Roy focused his attention on starting fresh with his next project The Revert. Revert is defined as “return to a previous (state, condition, practice, etc).” So lets break down how 737 used this album to revert to Roy Tosh.


For anyone who has heard Roy before, from the moment you hear the intro track “Pop off,” you notice the difference in his rap style and vocal cadence. I had to double check what file I was playing on my computer because I just wasn’t used to hearing him like this. It’s obvious that Roy used this opportunity to spread his musical wings compared to his previous albums. It’s not too far of a stretch from what he has done in the past, but since he has moved to Florida recently, the trap music influence is evident in a handful of the beats. It can also be heard in some of his flow; like in the song “Losin’ It.”

Like any good CHH album should, the focus on the album isn’t about Roy himself. While he could’ve had an album full of songs how he has changed as a man, etc., etc., most of the reverting I can see is to reveal more of the man behind 737. Removing his stage name and bringing a more ambitious style forward, it feels like this was the Roy that was hiding in him the whole time. And even though there is that feeling of an “unleash” of a new Roy, the music that we knew from 737 is still evident in his heart. When I hear the song “Fly,” I’m reminded of his song “Beauty for Ashes” – both songs are narratives, testimonial in nature, and created around the purpose of turning away from a sinful lifestyle to gain eternal life in Christ Jesus.

What I liked

I don’t like to put too much of my personal opinions in reviews, but I’ve got to say this: I hate the trap music style and flow. That being said, when Roy does what he does, I can overlook the beat and vibe with the song. Allow me to explain. The album starts off with a couple of hard hitting beats, a hype party track called “Bass Low,” and a west coast party track with Black Knight and TJ Pompeo on it, which is to be expected. Almost any album has a few songs that are hype songs you can play at a party and dance to. But once you get past the expected dance songs, there are some really deep songs on this project, and that’s where I think Roy Tosh thrives.

I believe that the songs that are meaningful and transparent are things Roy does very well. I really connected with “Trust”, “Take Me Back”, and “Losin It.” I was going through something when I first heard these tracks and the authenticity that they had, hit me in a real way. And speaking of “Take Me Back,” Benjah features on the chorus in top notch fashion. His performance is very reminiscent of every Christians cry to the Lord when He is most faithful to us. If you don’t believe me, listen to that song all the way through and then come back to me and tell me I’m lying. The final track “Revert” may have been the one that connected to me the most because of its complete message of checking ourselves. As Christians, we are supposed to hold the mirror up to ourselves for a self check daily, even though its not always the thing to do. The line where he says:

“… this is all about impact. I remember when I almost quit that/

Ran into this lil dude, and he knew every word to my song/

no lie that broke me down, reminded why I started now …”

That instance happened to me at a point where I was ready to quit a ministry action, so I know that there are more Christians who can relate to this sentiment.


The Revert stands as a solid first step to the redefined man that is Roy Tosh. Combine the heart of 737 with the growth of Jeff and you have a project worth a listen. With the likes of Deraj, Black Knight, TJ Pompeo, and some very nice features from Benjah. While the concept is about 737 reverting to who he once was, I consider this more of an evolution of sorts. On the path with the mindset to backtrack to who he was, Roy Tosh grew into a more polished artist with a clearer vision in his ministry.

I’m looking forward to the other places Roy is going to go with his music. As long as he keeps his heart for transparency in his art, they will definitely continue to be worth listening to. I recommend you give this project a listen no matter where you are in your faith walk with Christ.

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