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Album Review: ReadyWriter – Paradyme Shift


Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

One of the hardest things for a fan to do is not compare an artist to another artist. It’s natural to compare things. It’s even easier in music because there are several labels and groups. When an artist is on a label, it’s easy to assume that he sounds or at least shares a similar style to his label mates. A lot of times, if the label is hot, we just assume that every artist on the label is hot, regardless of how much music they put out and almost every time we’re wrong.

This is the situation I found myself in. I wasn’t overly familiar with ReadyWiter before listening to his newest project “Paradyme Shift.” I wasn’t even that familiar with GodChaserz Entertainment. Brinson was the only artist that I had heard a lot of music from. So going into this record I just assumed that Brinson and Ready sounded similar. Boy was I wrong on this one.

First Thing I Noticed About ReadyWriter

He’s got bars! It caught me a little by surprise but Ready is a tremendous lyricist. He has a smooth, polished flow that makes listening to him rap so easy. Listening to his wordplay and him flipping rhyme schemes was a joy. All of that mixed together was truly special. The star of this record was definitely ReadyWriter’s lyrical ability.

Another Thing I Liked

A big part of an artist putting together a good album is the production, and ReadyWriter had good production. The selection of beats was done with wisdom and Ready had the overall album in mind when selecting these beats. There was a wide variety in sound and style with the production. Most importantly the production suited Ready and what Ready was trying to do. It fit beautifully with ReadyWriter’s flow. Alone the production won’t blow you away but matched with Ready’s lyricism, it was very solid.

With lyricism and production in mind, songs like “Keep On” , “Paradyme Shift” and “Little Letter” were standout tracks.

Two Things I Didn’t Like

ReadyWriter had a solid performance behind the mic and the production was pretty good, but it wasn’t all good. Overall Paradyme Shift was an inconsistent record. It started out great. I was very impressed with the things that I already mentioned, but the problem was that didn’t continue throughout the record. By the middle of the record it started to slow down, and by the end I was wondering what happened. There was no clear direction, and that seemed to hurt the record and it seemed to fizzle out towards the end.

The consistency was a problem but it wasn’t the only problem, the record was also pretty short. The reason why this was a problem for me was because of the inconsistency. Both problems compounded the other. The inconsistency was exposed because of the length and the length was exposed because of the inconsistency.


Paradyme Shift was a good record. It had its flaws and it had its good points. Overall, the good outweighed the bad, and ReadyWriter put out a solid album. If you’re a fan of lyricism then this record is for you. Ready will impress you for a good portion of the record and by the end leave you wanting more. He had a good showing on this record and made a good name for himself. On Paradyme Shift ReadyWriter showed just how deep Christian hip-hop is, because he is another extremely talented lyricist to add to the already extensive list.

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