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Album Review: KIDD – Murder My Flesh

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Do you remember what you were doing when you were 17 years old? I do, and honestly it wasn’t much. Like most people, I was living the “high school” life, only worried about how fast I could get out of there. I wasn’t thinking too much about my future or trying to impact anyone around me positively.

Life as a 17 year old is much different for Aaron “KIDD” Rivera. He is signed to a label, has a substantial buzz, core fan base and on September 3 he released his debut album Murder My Flesh. There aren’t too many people his age that can say that. But there are questions surrounding KIDD’s debut album.

There have been a bevy of young rappers to come out in hip-hop and not many have seen prolonged success. Most also weren’t respected for their lyricism or artistry. Is KIDD different? If he is, how is he different? All of these questions and any others you may have, are answered on Murder My Flesh. KIDD showed he’s not just a young rapper, but a dope emcee.

Most Impressive Thing

There were a lot of impressive things that KIDD did on Murder My Flesh but there was one thing that continued to jump out throughout the record; that was his maturity. He didn’t sound like a teenager on the mic, he sounded more like a veteran. He had the confidence and presence of an artist that’s been rapping for years. I was surprised by how polished his flow was and I blown away by his consistency. As impressive as KIDD’s mature flow was, it stretched past that.

After listening to Murder My Flesh, I walked away impressed with how KIDD is as a person. His lyrical depth showed me that this kid (sorry, I had to do it at least once) is wise beyond his years. KIDD showed foresight and long-term vision on tracks like “Too Cool” and “Radical,” that people his age don’t usually have. If his name wasn’t KIDD you wouldn’t know (or believe) that he was just that, a kid.

Other Impressive Things


I don’t really know why, but going into this album, I was expecting a lot of banging beats and not much else. I learned quickly that that’s not what KIDD is about. Murder My Flesh is music and artistry done at its highest level. It was versatile, creative, entertaining and engaging. KIDD gave us a little of everything. My head nodded throughout the entire record. Sometimes because the beat was hard and sometimes because the music was so good, it was just a reaction.

The production was fantastic. It was elegant at times, hard at others, but it never stole the show from what KIDD was doing. It was always the perfect backdrop and put the listener’s mind in exactly the right spot for KIDD to blow it away. I was also impressed with how the record flowed together beautifully. Each track complimented the next and the transitions were seamless. KIDD is not just a rapper, he is an artist and Murder My Flesh is evidence of that.


KIDD’s artistry was great, but a big part of what made his artistry so great was his lyricism. KIDD is a strong lyricist. He has a polished commanding flow. He is versatile and masters several different styles, and we saw all of the tools KIDD has on Murder My Flesh.

His lyricism stood up against some tough tests. He went bar for bar with Gemstones, Derek Minor and Sho Baraka. Most artists couldn’t handle having those lyrical giants featured on their record. KIDD handled it like a vet and he held his own with all three of them. KIDD also flashed some great storytelling ability. Of all the great things KIDD did lyrically, this was the most unexpected and impressive. He flashed this ability on “Too Cool” and “Jezebel.” The former had KIDD break the first two verses into stories and then tied them beautifully together in the last verse. The latter was a Common like track that related hip-hop to a woman, but flipped it and made it more of a negative relationship.

KIDD showed his lyrical range and courage throughout this record. This was just another way KIDD makes the listener forget about his age and focus on the music. After just one listen, all you’ll be able to focus on is his music.


There’s one word that sums up my listening experience with KIDD’s Murder My Flesh; impressed. From start to finish, I was blown away by what KIDD did with this record. I enjoyed every second of this record. It was strong in pretty much every area. There is enough versatility for any hip-hop fan. The spiritual content is high and will definitely inspire and motivate you. Even with all the great music, KIDD kept the main thing the main thing, and Christ was the center and star of this album. Overall, this was a great album. If KIDD continues to make music like this and grow, he will be among the elite very soon.


What did you think of KIDD’s Murder My Flesh?

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