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Album Review: K-Drama – Winds & .Waves

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

A lot can change in three years. Just for me personally, my life has completely changed since August 2010. Three years ago I was still in college. I wasn’t teaching yet or writing for I hadn’t even met my (now) fiancé. Three years ago was also when K-Drama released “We Fit: The Workout Plan.” This would be the last full-length project we’d hear from K-Drama, until now.

On September 24, K-Drama ended a long hiatus to release his newest project Winds & .Waves. Just like me and many others, a lot has changed for K-Drama over the past three years. He dropped his last project in August 2010, to mixed reviews. A year later, he re-released the project with some additional tracks, with little to no noise. Then for the past two years, K-Drama has been completely off the radar. The reason he’s been gone has mostly been kept quiet and his relationship with CMR (Cross Movement Records), has been in question because of all the silence.

Along with K-Drama, Christian hip-hop has been changing. When K-Drama made his rather quiet exit three years ago, CHH was completely different. He was also one of the heavy hitters in the genre. With three years of silence, that has seemed to change. With this new project, can this bring K-Drama back to the forefront of this ever-growing genre? Can it be the riveting comeback story that K-Drama fans have been waiting for?

First Impressions

My first reaction to hearing that K-Drama was coming back with a new album was excitement. I was so hyped. I’ve been a K-Drama fan since I started listening to CHH. Add in the fact that I want to see CMR back at the forefront of CHH, and that his last album left a lot to be desired, I could barely wait to hear what K-Drama had in store for me, and all of his fans.

My initial excitement continued through the start of my first listen. It sounded like the same K-Drama to me, but with some nice new additions. The first thing that jumped out to me was the transparency. K-Drama was incredibly open and honest on this record. It was an insight into his life and struggles, in which you could feel along with him. His openness allowed you to reconnect with him, as if he was never gone.

The Good

The honesty and transparency that K-Drama brought on Winds & .Waves was great. It was the best part of the record, but it wasn’t the only good part of it. The production was also really good. For years and years K-Drama has been known as a great producer, and Winds & .Waves is just another record to add to his stellar production resume. The production laid a solid canvas for him to work on and in true K-Drama fashion, the bass was banging the whole time.

If production is the first thing you think about when you think of K-Drama, then his personality has to be the second thing you think of. Everything I’ve heard from K-Drama has one thing in common, complete and utter joy. I’ve never heard a rapper spit with the joy and happiness that he does. Even on a transparent record like Winds & .Waves, his joy comes through. K-Drama’s contagious personality reaches through the speakers to you. He has a charisma matched by few in CHH. It’s a great element in his records, and it was a great element to this record.

The Bad

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Overall, Winds & .Waves isn’t that great of a record. After you get past the production and the transparency, you’re not left with much. There wasn’t much versatility on this record. The production was banging, but that’s all it really seemed to do though. It never really changed. I was waiting throughout the record for it to change-up. I was waiting for the pace to slow down or change, but it never came, so I was just left wanting more.

As much as I enjoyed K-Drama’s honesty, I was a little disappointed in his overall lyrical performance. His punch lines were lackluster and I had a hard time staying connected with the record. There weren’t any memorable moments on the record to come back to. K-Drama is known for some of the greatest singles in CHH, but Winds & .Waves was lacking that. There wasn’t much to bring you back to the record when you were done listening.


As excited as I was that K-Drama was back, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the overall project. The long hiatus may have had an impact, because this did sound like the K-Drama that last left us. I was looking for some progression and growth with this record. But I did get an open artist, who pointed everything back to the Cross and really showed his passion for God on every track. The music just didn’t keep up with the message.

Even with an album that I don’t personally think is that great, I’m glad K-Drama is back. I truly believe that Christian Hip-Hop is better with him than without him, and I hope this is the beginning of more music from K-Drama.

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