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Album Review: God Over Money – Martyrs in the Making 2

God Over Money Album Review
Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

One constant that I’ve seen in CHH since I started listening is a heavy label (or clique) presence. From Cross Movement to Reach and now to Collision, record labels have usually carried the banner for CHH. The genre currently has a wide varied of very strong labels vying for fans attention and support.

Bizzle’s God Over Money label has filled out its roster over the past few years and is next up to show the genre what they have. With the signings of a few lesser know and newer artists, GOM has been off the radar a little but with Bizzle’s success, they’ve garnered a buzz. Next for the label is their mixtape Martyrs in the Making 2. The mixtape is the second installment of the Martyrs in the Making series. All four God Over Money artists (Bumps INF, Selah the Corner, FLO, and Bizzle) are featured on the mixtape. For some this will be an introduction to the GOM team and for others it will be exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

Selah the Corner

Martyrs in the Making 2 presents a very interesting opportunity for Selah the Corner. Even with a couple of successful mixtapes, Selah is still relatively unknown. So a good performance on this record can broaden his fan-base. Selah took full advantage of his opportunity and brought a great individual performance on Martyrs in the Making 2. His rough tone and smooth flow left a mark on every track that he was on. It became a thing where I was grabbing my iPod with each new track, looking and hoping Selah was on it. Every verse Selah spit was near gold and he brought a sound to the record (and the label) that was needed.


This kid has been nothing short of amazing, since the very first time I had the pleasure to hear him spit. Going into this record, I had the highest of expectations for him, and he did not disappoint. FLO delivered stellar performances on every track that he was on, and every track that he wasn’t on missed his presence. FLO stole the show for me. He was the star of this record, because he made nearly every track he was on a memorable track. He also showed significant growth from his God Over Money debut “No Limits.” He brought a consistency that wasn’t present on that record. He appeared more than any other artist on this record (15 tracks) and he brought his best almost every time. The only evidence I need to show how great FLO’s performance really was is the track “Total Control.” It’s five minutes of straight fire. No hooks or any of that other stuff, just bars. And FLO has plenty of bars.

Bumps INF

I sometimes feel as if Bumps is the forgotten member of God Over Money. He was the first artist brought along with him on the label and has a very solid career to this point. Behind the very polarizing and very talented Bizzle and with the new signings, it’s easy to overlook the consistent Bumps. If that is the case, then this record should wake some people up. Bumps came hard on Martyrs in the Making 2, much like he did on the first one. He consistently performed well each time he was called upon to perform. His personal transparency is refreshing. Bumps performance on this record was much of what fans would expect from him. If you’re a Bumps INF fan, then you’ll love his time on Martyrs in the Making 2.


The front man of the label always has crazy expectations when that label puts out a project. That’s the situation Bizzle faced on Martyrs in the Making 2. He was up for the challenge. Bizzle was on top of his game, spitting bar after bar of fire. One of the reasons I enjoy Biz is because I think he says what a lot of Christians want to say but don’t. He took that and stepped it up a notch on this record. Biz had times where he just went in (“KITD” and “Foreign Exchange”). He was the perfect front man for this record. It fits perfectly into the sound he’s been creating and he still showed the talent to carry the record at times. The only thing that I would like to hear from Bizzle is a little versatility in his content. I feel like I’ve heard a lot of what he’s said before. Even with that small critique, Bizzle continued to show why he’s one of CHH’s best. He’s a great emcee.


Martys in the Making 2 was the perfect God Over Money mixtape. It depicts their sound and message perfectly. The rough and rugged sound that Bizzle has been crafting for the past few years has become something that CHH fans crave. Now he has a label full of artists with a similar sound. Martyrs in the Making 2 is an example of what happens with Bumps INF, Selah the Corner, FLO and Bizzle all bring their “A” games. They worked well together and seemingly used each verse to try and stand out above the rest. That all makes for a mixtape that can be played over and over again.

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