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Album Review: Gideonz Army & T. Haddy – The Truth Unveiled


Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Earlier this year, Gideonz Army parted ways with Malachi, one of the member’s of their group. This is always a difficult thing for a group to bounce back from. This is especially difficult for a group that is established and already has a fan base. Gideonz Army attacked this head on by following a trend that has become pretty popular in Christian Hip-Hop. They joined with T Haddy for their new collaborative project The Truth Unveiled.

T Haddy is an incredible singer and talent in his own right. He has had some success in CHH and has turned heads on some incredible features. His vocal ability and the energy that Gideonz Army provides can make for a strong pairing. But did they put together a strong album?

First Thing I noticed

I’m a concept guy, so one of the first things I usually notice on a record is the concept. This was especially true on The Truth Unveiled, because they drew me into it from the very beginning. The opening track “The First Truth” is a skit. It leads the listener directly into the concept and sets the album off. The skits don’t stop with the intro, but they are a prominent part of the first half of the album.

Gideonz Army and T Haddy utilize the skits well in a couple of different ways. They do a great job using the skits injunction with the songs that follow them. They also do a good job of telling a story of a man who lives the “street life,” then leaves it and comes to know Christ. It gave a clear direction to the first half of the album and gave something for the listener to connect with.

The problem was that this was only really for the first half of the album. The last skit that was relevant to the concept was at track 12 and that didn’t even close out the story. It seemed like a good part to the story but it ended up being the last that we would hear of that specific story and the concept. The whole second half of the album was it’s own thing and seemed to have little relevance to the rest of the album. It was unfortunate because they had a really special concept and story line but they didn’t follow through, and that made the album sound incomplete.

Two Things I didn’t like

The first was something that I expected and was a little concerned about. With T Haddy being the singer on the record, I was concerned that Gideonz Army and T Haddy would settle with Haddy singing all of the hooks, and that is pretty much what they did. T Haddy sung almost every hook on the entire album. I didn’t have a problem with T Haddy, because he is an incredibly talented singer. My problem was with him doing a large majority of the hook work. It didn’t seem very creative and it was very predictable.

Another thing I didn’t like was found on one specific track, “Y’all Too Deep.” This is another skit, but this one is different than the rest, because it had Gideonz Army and T Haddy addressing some of the comments to their song “Jesus Piece.” At the risk of being on their next album, I’m going to address this track because I didn’t like it. Just from an album standpoint, I think it was unnecessary and it didn’t fit into the album at all. It also came off wrong. It seemed as if they were making fun of people that didn’t like the song or the idea of them wearing a Jesus piece. Whether or not Jesus likes or dislikes people wearing Jesus pieces, I think people should be able to voice their opinions on the topic. This didn’t come off right to me and left a bad taste in my mouth.

It Wasn’t All Bad

There were some things about The Truth Unveiled that I didn’t like or agree with but the record wasn’t all bad. There were some bright spots on this record. The production was good and the message was strong. What I took away the most were the memorable moments that Gideonz Army and T Haddy created. There were some glimpses of special talent. Tracks like “Marvelous Light”, “I’m Free” and “I Give Up” were great songs. These songs showed how high the ceiling is for these artists, and it’s pretty high. I was hitting repeat on these tracks and they will stay on my playlist for a while.


The best word I can come up with for my experience with The Truth Unveiled is interesting. From the surprisingly good use of a concept, to some great songs and then to the surprising drop of the concept, this record was a very interesting experience. There were some predictable elements and some surprising ones, but all in all this album wasn’t great.

The Truth Unveiled was missing some important elements to make it a completely enjoyable listen. Even though the production was solid, it wasn’t great and there wasn’t a large variety in the sound. Lyrically this album was nothing to write home about, and at times made the record a tough listen. The little playback value that this record did carry, it did leave an impression, but Gideonz Army and T Haddy still have some room to grow. Overall this record was just average.

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