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Album Review: Future- Reunion

Future- Album Review

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

The Good & The Bad

Does the good out weigh the bad? That is a question that everyone has heard at some point in their lives. It was either advice you gave to someone, advice you have heard or a question you asked yourself when trying to make a tough decision. It is a simple and common evaluation tool that generally works.

Music is always hard to evaluate. Deciding to buy an album is never easy especially now in Christian hip hop because there is so much good consistent music coming out. Each fan has to decide what is important to them in an album, so they can decide if they want to buy it. Sometimes it is as simple as “does the good out weigh the bad?”

Future – Reunion

It has been a long time since CHH has heard anything from Future. In 2010 he released his project Endure. It was a solid release and showed a possible bright future from the St. Louis rapper. Well we had to wait almost 3 years to see just how bright that future is, but the wait is over. Future is back with his third album Reunion.

Lyrical Performance

Throughout his career, Future has had some memorable moments lyrically. His versatile flow and unique delivery has always made him a stand out, and quickly became what he was recognized for. At times Future has hung lyrically with some of the better CHH artists in the game. We know that he is capable of very strong lyrical performances, but did he keep that up on Reunion?

The Good:

What Future has become known for (his delivery and flow) were present on Reunion. He showed a good balance and versatility in his delivery. He switched his flow up constantly throughout the record. It was nice to see that he could take something he already excelled at and could find a way to improve it.

The Bad:

He showed strong versatility, but there were times when his flow or delivery didn’t match the track very well. Either it didn’t match the tempo or it didn’t match the tone of the song. It took away from the talent that Future undoubtedly has and made for some awkward moments on the record as well.

The Good:

Another thing that Future brought with him on this record were punchlines. Future always packs a few punches, but he had some knockouts on this record including this line on “Skylife” (featuring Canon):

“Do we make you nervous?/ We living like it’s urgent

His word has got a current/ but you never catch us surfing”

Punchlines almost always make a song an enjoyable listen. Future has a few lines that will have you nodding in approval.

The Bad:

Punchline rappers are like 3-point specialist in basketball. When they are on, it is very exciting and memorable, but when they aren’t on, it is somewhat of a let down. This reigned true on Reunion. Though I just stated that Future had some good punchlines, there were some that just felt flat. He had some very good moments lyrically, but he also had some disappointing moments as well.

Individual Moments

Every album is full of individual moments. Some good, some bad but like life, it is full of moments. This digs into song making, features and the ability of the artist to make memorable moments for the listener to take away.

The Good:

Some of the best moments on Reunion were individual songs. “Seduction,” “Power Source” (featuring Chris Lee), and “Witness” (featuring Tony Tillman) were all standouts. Each track has an element that will bring the listener back. “Power Source” has an up-tempo good feeling to it, and the addition of Chris Lee fit beautifully. “Witness” is a strong song all around with strong lyrical performances from Future and Tony Tillman. “Seduction” is easily my favorite song on the record. It had great production and lyrical depth. These tracks were very memorable and created great moments for the listener.

The Bad:

Future’s good moments were very good, but the problem was there wasn’t very many of those moments. For every memorable track, there was an equally as unmemorable track. Future provides the listener with some good music, but the big problem on Reunion was a severe lack of inconsistency.

So … Did the Good outweigh the Bad?

My overall impression of Reunion was mixed. There were several good things that I took away from it. If you are a fan of Future’s coming in, then you will enjoy this record. It has a lot of things that Future has done historically well. Going forward, I like what Future brings to the table as an artist. He has talent, and some dynamic traits. But I do feel as if Reunion didn’t represent that very well.

The bad out weighs the good on this record. There was no consistency lyrically from Future. Outside of punchlines, there was very little lyrical depth. There was no trace of a concept or direction to the record. Any of these could have made this album a much easier and enjoyable listen.

Earlier in this album review I said that Future has a bright future. Reunion doesn’t change my opinion. With continued growth and maturity as an artist, Future could give CHH some very memorable music.

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