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Album Review: Flo- No Limits

flo album review

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Living Up To The Name

In hip hop, an artist’s flow is what can separate them from everyone else. It’s how Eminem rapped his way into best lyricist conversations. It’s how Swoope inspired Lecrae (41:45-42:21) to go harder prior to releasing Church Clothes. The beauty about lyricism, is that there are a variety of ways in which an artist can stand out. An artist could be nasty with the punch lines, ‘beasty’ with the wordplay, or a monster with their delivery. If you have a nice flow, it can instantly get you respect. If you have a bad flow, it can easily get you deleted from my iTunes library.

God Over Money‘s newest signee, Flo, lived up to his name on his debut mixtape No Limits. 

I first heard him on the re-make of Lecrae’s “Violence. I just remember saying, “Who is this dude!” God Over Money seemed to drop him out of nowhere and he hit like a bomb. No Limits was a great introductory project. The listener will get to hear who he is, where he’s from, and just how well he can rap.

I want to point out some reasons why I do not think this mixtape is the last we’ll be hearing from Flo.

3 Reasons Flo Proved That He Will Be Around For A While

1. His Team

You can always do more with a team. God Over Money is now an established brand that people recognize. Flo did not disappoint when it comes to fitting that mold. Bizzle and Bumps INF are not ones to sugar coat or water Jesus down. Flo showed that he was not planning to water anything down as well, when he was first introduced on the re-make of “Violence.” He gave us that raw flavor that God Over Money brings. He says, “Team G.O.M, we go in/ puttin’ God above a dolla ’cause a lotta yall don’t even need to see the pen/ There’s greed in what you speaking and you feedin it to them.” I love that about the G.O.M family. They make sure you know it’s not about the material things.

The God Over Money brand also provided Flo with the opportunity to get features that the ‘average joe’ may not be able to acquire. He has songs featuring Mouthpi3ce, Lavoisier, Bizzle, Sevin, Selah, and Bumps INF. That’s not too shabby for a debut mixtape. Not to mention, the features demolished the tracks they were on. “Let’s Ride” and “G.S.A” were two tracks where the features really stood out. And in the process of having great features, he was able to hold his own and not get drowned out. No Limits showed me that he not only is a right fit for the team, but that he will bring in more listeners as well.

2. His Youth

I believe that Flo has a voice that many young believers can listen to. He talks honestly about his struggles with feeling “cool” in songs like “Child’s Play.” He also encourages the listener to know who they are in Christ on songs like “Grinding” , “Remember That” and “Reality Check.” It’s encouraging when you hear someone your age going hard for the King. On No Limits, you get some honest moments. I personally live for the honest moments. An example from his song, “Reality Check” holds true to that.

“God is the image the kid is trying to fit into/the problem is its difficult trying to fill his shoes/’cause he’s not indifferent to all of the sin we do/unlike us modern day Christians, we often pick and choose.”

I see this as an honest moment because he’s saying what he’d like in his life, while admitting where it gets hard. Our generation thrives off of authenticity and honesty. Flo doesn’t make it seem like he has all of the answers. I feel that this is great for him as a young artist. As he grows, he will be able to articulate from a grace-filled perspective. Flo established himself on this mixtape as a young artist that listeners will be able to grow with.

3. His Flow

Flo does not just rap well, he murders songs. He did what many artists steer clear from doing. He rapped over tracks that were originally done by great artists. As stated earlier, he rapped over Lecrae’s “Violence.” He also rapped over Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s “Hope” and  Kendrick Lamar’s “*Please Don’t Kill my Vibe.” Being that this was my first time hearing him, I was shocked to hear him tackle these songs with so much confidence. His flow is nice because he can ride the beat and his word usage is unique. In his song, “His Way” (feat. Bizzle) he starts off with this:

“Hold up, wait a minute, what is this?/ I roll up, gymnast, give em the business/I’m–flippin’ the scrip, and only hit em with scriptures/the enemy wanna trip, so we split his meniscus.”

I like when you cannot predict an artists’ next word. Flo keeps you guessing and has you listening intently to hear all that he packs in one line. It takes a true artist to fit many words in a bar (rap line) and make it sound good. He makes it sound clean and crisp. “Child’s Play” was the track that had me sold. As soon as I heard it, I knew that this was just the beginning of a long career within the hip hop community. Listen for yourself:

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The Wrap-Up

No Limits was great, however, there were a few moments where I could see room for improvement. The mixing seemed rushed on some of the songs. It sounded like the vocals were much louder than the beat. Also, there were moments he sounded like Drake. I don’t think it’s wrong to sound like someone, but many artists do not like their art to be credited to someone else. I think with minor adjustments, he can debunk that comparison.

Flo impressed me with his lyricism, confidence and theology. It was great to see a young artist killing it and not boasting in himself. I see that “Holy boasting” so often with younger artists, but Flo seemed to keep it under control. Confidence blended with humility makes for great music. I think many people will like this mixtape and leave like I did, wanting more.

You can download Flo’s No Limits Mixtape HERE


What did you think of Flo? Did his mixtape live up to his name?

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