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Album Review: Fedel – FLAW


Disclaimer: All views presented in this review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O

Fedel has been one of the more consistent and under appreciated artists in all of CHH. He has been flying slightly under the radar since 2008, when his debut album I Live dropped. Since then, he’s dropped a project about every two years. That type of consistency is rare in hip-hop, and for fans of Fedel, that consistency is beloved.

Even though Fedel has worked with some very popular artists in CHH (Dre Murray, Social Club, JR, Viktory, etc.) and has created some great anthems for the genre (“Walk it Like I’m Changed”, “Work It Out” and “I Will Be”) he still seems to fly under the radar. Don’t get me wrong, Fedel has a strong fan base but it seems as if he doesn’t get as much credit as an artist with his resume deserves.

Now, two years to the month since his last release, Fedel is back to drop his next offering Tuesday, May 12. He’s armed with a new record and a new slogan. FLAW stands for Fight Like A Winner, and it is the title and theme of his new record. One thing everyone can count on is that Fedel is going to bring the turn up. But will this record bring Fedel to the forefront of CHH? In this review, we’ll discuss all of the aspects of FLAW and where Fedel may have hit and where he may have missed.

The Sound

Over the course of his career Fedel has been a specialist at one thing. As I said before, he brings the turn up. Fedel is great at creating this type of music. He’s one of the, if not the best, at it in CHH. FLAW is another example of how great Fedel is specialized in that type of music.

The opening track sets you up for exactly what to expect. FLAW opens with the heavy bass and a quick melody that immediately gets your blood flowing. Things really get turnt on the next track “No Ceilings” featuring KB. Within 10 seconds of the track, the beat will get you excited. This theme continues throughout the whole record. “Off the Shelf”, “Run the Crowd” and the Social Club assisted “Love the Feeling” will all have your speakers in jeopardy.

A part of having great turn up music, is great production. FLAW has that from top to bottom. This is a very enjoyable listen from a musical perspective. The tone of the record is a very positive one. The music draws you in and makes you want to listen. There is a trap feel to the record that accompanies the turn up very well. This is a phenomenal sounding record and will dominate a work out, pre game and party playlists for a long time.


Fedel has never really been known for his lyricism. Typically, you put on a Fedel record to hear what he does best, and that’s not usually his lyrically prowess. That is the main area where FLAW falters. Lyrically, it provides little to no depth. From a message stand point, there isn’t a whole lot of substance either. He does continually reference Christ and his faith, but there is nothing that really dives deeper into that. If you’re looking for a spiritually deep record or something that is lyrically stimulating, then this isn’t the record for you.

Even though the hip-hop heads won’t love this record, Fedel did have some impressive spots in his performance on FLAW. He is a master of flows. Fedel mixes up his flow and delivery constantly throughout this record. “No Ceilings” and “FLAW” have a normal tempo delivery, which matches the song perfectly. For “Favorite Rapper” and “Off the Shelf,” he slows it down and pretty much delivers two bars at a time. He also switched up his tempo during songs, depending on what would sound best. Fedel was always able to sync up his delivery perfectly with the track, which makes the record easy to listen to. This is a veteran move that increases playback value and makes up for the areas where the record may lack.


Overall, Fedel created an enjoyable record. It’s fun and easy to listen to and the playback value is great. He brought in some big guns for features with KB, Derek Minor and Social Club. Even though it’s three features on a 12-track record (if you don’t count the bonus tracks), the performances were great and fit the record perfectly. Those features added value to the record.

If you don’t really like turn up music then you won’t like this record, as the sound may feel more one-dimensional. But one of the things that make this record great is that Fedel doesn’t try to be someone he’s not. If you like that style of music then this will dominate your playlist. FLAW is a solid record. Fedel may not be mentioned amongst the giants of CHH, but this record is just another solid addition to his resume and will (rightfully so) expand his already loyal fan base.

Fedel’s FLAW drops May 12th and is now available for purchase on iTunes.

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