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Album Review: Erick Dayz – Late Bloomers

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

I don’t know how rappers do it. Be rappers. There is so much asked from them. They have to balance with personal growth with expectations. Push creative boundaries without losing their core fan base. Provide a steady stream of new music with high quality and personal care for each track. And on top of that, it has to be consistently good without setbacks. But before any of those things I just mentioned can happen, you have to know who the rapper is. This means the rapper has to come out and grab the listener’s attention, either with their music or showing out on a feature. Neither is very easy.

That is exactly where I found Erick Dayz. A relative newcomer to Christian Hip-Hop fans, Erick is in the tough spot of trying to grab the attention of the CHH world. To make a tough task evermore difficult, he is trying to gain the attention of a fan base that has been fed a continual diet of great music for the past few years. A fan base that has seen CHH grow and expand. A fan base that has a higher standard for music now than ever before.

Erick’s new mixtape, “Late Bloomers,” is the tool he’s using to grab the attention of CHH and its fans. The only question now is … did he?

Attention Grabbers

His Flow:

Usually when it comes to rappers, the first thing that the listener notices is his flow. Erick Dayz is no different. His flow jumps right out of the speakers. It was commanding and strong but still smooth at the same time. For a newcomer to the genre, Erick’s flow was also very polished. He changed pace like a veteran on this record. Erick Dayz is an easy MC to listen to because of his flow, and that makes Late Bloomers an easy listen.

His Lyricism:

For as long as I have been listening to hip-hop there is one thing that will always grab my attention (if done well), and that’s lyricism. If an artist can showcase some skillful lyricism, then he will have my attention for as long as he wants it. Erick Dayz grabbed my attention with this same technique. By the end of Late Bloomers, I was thoroughly impressed by his dazzling display of lyricism. His word play was fantastic and at times left me speechless. It wasn’t all wordplay from Erick Dayz on this record though. He gives the listener punchlines and metaphors along with an amazing ability to communicate whatever message he wanted to get across clearly. By the end of every song, you know exactly what Erick was trying to say. Late Bloomers was a showcase of great lyricism.

Areas of Growth

His Song making:

This is a problem a lot of young MC’s have. Good lyricism and flow are not the only elements that make a song great. There is a lot that goes into each individual song. Erick showed the raw talent he has on Late Bloomers but his overall ability to make great songs was lacking. To go along with that, there wasn’t very many memorable moments on this record. There wasn’t much that would make me come back to this record when I’m not listening to it. These things are important, especially for an up and coming artist. Erick showed he has the ability to be a very good MC one day, if he can grow in this area, that day will be sooner rather than later.


Now, Erick didn’t make the beats for Late Bloomers but he is still responsible for the overall sound of the project. The sound of the project wasn’t great. None of the beats stood out on their own, and they weren’t very memorable. The production wasn’t overly complementary to Erick and what he was doing. Also, the production wasn’t very versatile. The whole project sounded pretty much the same. This made it hard for anyone track to stand out on its own. Overall, the production was okay on Late Bloomers, and is an area where Erick can grow some.


The question I posed at the beginning of the review was did Erick Dayz grab my attention, and the answer is yes. There were some missteps but I wasn’t expecting perfection. It only takes one or two things to really grab a listener’s attention, and he accomplished that with his lyricism. After listening to this record, Erick Dayz has my attention, and if he continues to grow as an artist he will soon have all of CHH’s attention.

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