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Album Review: Corey Paul – Grace, Love, Mercy

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

As a hip-hop, head I love to find some artists that are off of most people’s radars. There is something about that artist that attracts me to them. Whether it’s the hunger and drive that most of those guys have or just personal preference, there is always room on my Ipod for a guy slightly off the radar. That is one of the reasons why I love the position I have with Wadeoradio.com. I get to hear artists that I would normally overlook and have become a fan of artists that I may have never heard.

Corey Paul fits right into the mold of the type of artist I’m talking about. He is kinda off of the CHH radar. I wasn’t overly familiar with him, outside of a few features with Reconcile. The times I did hear him, his passion and hunger left a mark. When I heard he had a new album entitled Grace, Love, Mercy, I was excited to see what he would have for a whole project. At risk of spoiling the review, I was extremely impressed with what I heard from Corey Paul.

One Thing That I Appreciated

I usually don’t point out tracks as something that I appreciate, but the intro (and title track) of Grace, Love, Mercy really stood out to me. This is a hot track that sets the tone for the record perfectly. It showed Corey’s lyrical ability and where his passion lies. If the listener doesn’t know what to expect or isn’t completely focused, Corey changes that with this track. You sit up a little straighter after this track and builds anticipation for the rest of the record.

The reason why I appreciated this record was because I like when an artist tells me exactly what he means with the title and theme of his record. The intro track did what I feel intro tracks should do. It set the tone and explained the direction of the record. There is no way any listener can walk away from Grace, Love, Mercy and not know what Corey Paul means by that title. I appreciate that.

3 Other Things I Liked

1. Corey’s Energy:

This is the first thing that I noticed from Grace, Love, Mercy. The energy level of this project is so high, it’s crazy. No matter what mood you’re in, when you listen to this record, your energy level will shoot straight up. On the production side, most of the tracks are up-tempo and high energy, so your head is nodding and your windows are down and you’re getting hype from this record. Then throw in the passion and aggression that Corey attacks each track with and you get a record with an incredibly high energy level. Grace, Love, Mercy will get you hyped and raise your energy level in a way most CHH records won’t, and it’s always great to bang in the car with the windows down.

2. Corey’s Flow:

If Corey’s energy was the first thing that stood out to me, then his flow was the second. I love Corey’s flow. It’s smooth and still passionate. It’s strong and demanding but not overpowering. It’s unique but not annoying. His flow captured my attention, kept my attention and had me coming back continually to hear it. Corey did a great job of changing pace and tone to each record. and most importantly it’s captivating. Corey’s flow stands out.  It is captivating and memorable, and that helped make Grace, Love, Mercy such a strong project.

3. Corey’s Friends:

Now, I’m very aware that a feature on a record doesn’t mean both artists are friends, but it sounds good as a header (Lol). Either way, Corey’s features were very strong on Grace, Love, Mercy. Anytime Thi’sl, Dre Murray and Reconcile are on a record, the level of that record goes way up. Each of the aforementioned artists gave great performances (as expected). Anthony Silas and Selah also stood out with stellar additions to the record, but the most impressive part was Corey’s performance on these tracks. Corey held his own with each feature on this project, and that made those songs great.

Stand Out Tracks:

  • “Body In The Trunk” (featuring Thi’sl) – This track embodies everything that I love about this record as a whole. It has everything you could ask for and it will get you hype! This song will be replayed over and over again anytime someone needs a little boost of energy.
  • “Black Hearse” (featuring Dre Murray) – Strong. Emotional. Inspiring. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of this track. I am totally captivated by this song and these two artists did a fantastic job making this track come to life. Just a wonderful song.
  • “That’s A Trip” – The production is great. The energy level is high. Corey’s flow is on point. The lyricism is solid. Basically, this song is just a great listen, with plenty of playback value.


I said earlier that I wasn’t very familiar with Corey Paul before this record, well that has definitely changed after listening to Grace, Love, Mercy. Corey Paul is definitely on my radar now, because this record was so good. From beginning to end it was an enjoyable listen. There were very few mistakes or holes on the project. Grace, Love, Mercy is a really good record with a great message that every CHH fan should have in their library.

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Aubrey McKay has a strong passion and love for CHH, and he uses that to write album reviews for Wadeoradio.com. He is a graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida. He currently resides in Lakeland and teaches middle school. Twitter: @ajmckay24

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