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Album Review: Canon – ‘Loose Canon, Vol. 3’


Disclaimer: All views presented in this review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Music can sometimes be an emotional experience, for both the artist and the listener. There are times when a record is more than a record. Times when it just feels good to listen to the music. It surpasses technical ability and sometimes even personal preference. There are times when there is music that just brings joy, and as a CHH community, we are in the midst of one of those times.

In December of 2014, while trying to help someone that was in a car accident, Canon suffered a 20-foot fall. The accident left Canon with some pretty substantial injuries. During this time, CHH waited with bated breath, hoping that Canon would recover fully and return to the mic. On Nov. 4, almost two years after his accident, Canon is set to return. This is a time that all of CHH can rejoice. Canon is back with a new record! The third installment of his Loose Canon series.

Maybe the feel good story isn’t enough for you. Maybe you weren’t a huge fan of his music pre-accident, and even though you’re happy for his return, his music isn’t for you. Maybe you’re new to CHH. Or maybe for the past two years you have become a fan of the genre and you aren’t that familiar with Canon. If any of these are true, then this is still the record for you, because Loose Canon, Vol. 3 is full of great music.

The opening track sets the tone for this whole record well for several reasons. For one, the title of the track, “I’m Back”, is perfect. It also has a great sound and feel to it. You might expect this track to be full of energy and hit hard, because this is his return. Canon doesn’t do that here. He contains the energy and gives a smooth track that flows through you. Canon’s performance on this song is nothing short of incredible. His flow is flawless, and he rides this beat to perfection. Canon is not only back, but this track shows that he is also better than ever.

You won’t have to wait very long to get the high energy and hard bass that Canon has become known for. The second track, “Eagles”, hits hard. This track is everything that we love from Canon. The bass is crazy, the hook is catchy and he twists a little on this. The energy doesn’t die down on the Derek Minor assisted “Over Do It”. Not a lot of tricks with this song, as it is very straightforward. It is hard hitting bass, fast paced track, high energy Canon and a silky smooth Derek Minor. All of that makes for a perfect track. These two songs alone are enough to bring you back to this record time and time again.

“EZ” dials the energy back a little, but this is the type of track that Canon really shines on this record. This used to be an area where the record would lag a little, but on LCV3, there is no lag here. Canon’s smooth delivery and contained energy works on this track. He also brings very strong lyricism to “EZ”, even addressing the fact that people always expect him to twist when he raps. This track shows that he’s more than just that, as he’s a refined artist with a world of talent.

The second half of the record brings a different feel to it and continues to show the growth of Canon. “I Ain’t Got Time”, “The Family” and “Expect Us” all give different sounds. More singing and auto tune give a different feel to this record. It also gives it a very 2016 vibe. Most of the students that walk into my classroom would like these tracks because it resembles what they’ve heard on the radio. “I Ain’t Got Time” is unlike anything Canon has given us before. It definitely has a lighter tone to it and more of a pop feel. The bass ties it into the record a little but this track definitely brings in a different type of party to LCV3.

The content on Loose Canon Vol. 3 is consistent with everything else Canon has done. He doesn’t shy away from his faith but he doesn’t give you a lot of theology. It is more of the “biblical worldview” rap style that has become increasingly popular in CHH. He also doesn’t spend a lot of time speaking on the accident that hospitalized him. This is a record that you can feel good listening to and be encouraged in your faith by.

Even though this record is very good, arguably the best that Canon has put out thus far, this record isn’t really about the quality of the music. It’s mostly about the fact that Canon is back. So whether you have been a long time fan of Canon or not – this is a record you should hear. And if this record is any indication, Canon is even better than he was before.

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