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Album Review: B. Reith – How the Story Continues Vol. 1

Album Review: B. Reith - As The Story Continues

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

When I initially got saved, I felt like I didn’t fit in.  At the time, there didn’t seem to be much room for a Hip-Hop head in the church. After a few visits to Flavor Fest and more exposure to hip hop loving Christians, I discovered my place,  and was encouraged that I didn’t have to change who I was or act any different to garner that acceptance.

In comparison, B. Reith opens his most recent release, a hip-hop mixtape entitled “How The Story Continues Vol. 1,” by sharing this:

“Spit that fast rhythm slow it down/ so they can understand

Why I flipped up and went hip-hop/ CCM they ain’t got no slots

Didn’t accept me the way I am/ I’m not whoever you say I am”

Bars like these demonstrate  that B. Reith has experienced  a similar struggle of fitting in, but on a much larger stage, the Christian music industry.

How  The Story Continues Vol. 1, should put an end to that. B. Reith has shown great skill, ability, and an overall feel for good hip-hop music. Upon hearing his music, talent and passion, the CHH Community should welcome him with open arms.

One Thing that Sets this Record Apart

         This project was my introduction to B. Reith.  As such, I wasn’t sure what to expect from him. The musicality of How the Story Continues Vol. 1 was a pleasant surprise, though., The project’s sonic diversity helps set it apart from most free projects.  On it, B.Reith was able to deliver great music that can cross genres and people groups…

Simply put, this mixtape contains hip hop for everyone.

None of the mixtape’s 9 Songs sound alike.  B. Reith did a masterful job of mixing CCM with hip-hop. The mixtape had a pop feel at points, but still maintained the hip-hop focus. This approach should satisfy his new hip-hop audience as well his traditional CCM fans..  Very few artists are able to mesh the two as well as B. Reith, thus making How The Story Continues Vol. 1 musically unique.

Two Things that Stood Out to Me

How the Story Continues may be the project that looking back years from now, will be remembered as the moment B. Reith shattered the CCM box he had been put in.  I was absolutely shocked at the lyrical  display that B. Reith put on. . I was not expecting top notch lyrics from a guy known mainly as a CCM artist.

His clever use of imagery and metaphors laid the foundation, while, his storytelling ability stole the show. The perfect example of this was on the song “Get Out My Life”. On this song B. Reith told us two stories of personal heartbreak, at the hands of a woman. I was able to vividly visualize the story in my head as the song went on. This level of storytelling ability is rare and made the record special.


Song: “Get Out of My Life”
Artist: B. Reith
Mixtape: As The Story Continues Vol. 1

The second thing that stood out were the features. When I saw that he had artists like Knine, Theory Hazit, Dre Murray, and Lecrae featured, I became very excited.

The real shell shocker came when B. Reith was able to hold his own on every song though. Not once did he seem out of place or get outshined. That alone was impressive.

One Thing that Left Me Wanting More

If I had a gripe with the project, it would be it’s length. The mixtape is only 9 songs long. While I can appreciate short projects, this one left me wanting to hear more from him.

In a sense, this can be seen as good thing though. I’m sure I’m not the only Hip Hop fan now clamoring to hear B. Reith continue his story with a full-length LP.


Download B. Reith – The Story Continues Vol. 1 Mixtape

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