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Album Review: Auditory Fabric – Heir Craft

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

There are some things in hip-hop that I’m a sucker for. Small things that can grab my attention very easily. One of those things is a name. Artist names and album titles always stand out to me. Especially if the artist is new. A lot of times my intrigue can be influenced by a name. If an artist has a good (or creative) name then that artist has my initial attention. Same goes for an album. If an album has a creative or interesting title then my excitement for that album will go up. This leads me to Auditory Fabric and their new record Heir Craft. Both, the groups name and the album title, caught my attention. They’re both creative, unique names and it peaked my interest for their record.

Creative and interesting names can only get you so far. Substance is what will carry the artist the rest of the way. That was the challenge Justword and Bondservant was facing. To take the intrigue they created and turn it into a solid album. This is not an easy task and for a new group, it’s doubly hard, because this isn’t an easy genre to break into. Grabbing fans in a rapidly growing genre like CHH isn’t easy. Auditory Fabric’s first record has to be nearly great to gain fans, because fans expectation levels have gone up recently. I don’t think that will be much of a problem, because with one listen of Heir Craft I think fans will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

First Impressions:

The first feeling I felt after listening to Heir Craft was surprise. This isn’t meant to be a negative. I didn’t have any expectations going into this record because I’m not overly familiar with either member of Auditory Fabric. So when I say surprise, I mean more of a pleasant surprise because the guys from Auditory Fabric brought it on this record.

Pleasant Surprise #1

Their Production:

Much like the rest of the project, I didn’t really know what to expect from the production. Justword is relatively unknown as a producer so it was a toss up. I figured out what he was about as a producer very quickly. The production was great on Heir Craft. Justword did a tremendous job laying the foundation for this record. The production hit in all the right ways and gets the listener ready for great music. It also set a wonderful tone from the record and kept a consistent tone throughout the record. The production was the most impressive part of Heir Craft and the most memorable.

It wasn’t the only pleasant surprise though, the duo did some other good things.

Pleasant Surprise #2

Their Chemistry:

On group albums, chemistry is one of the most important elements. If the chemistry is off, then the whole record feels a little off. If the chemistry is really good, then the record will sound like a smooth piece of art. Auditory Fabric accomplished the latter. The chemistry between Justword and Bondservent was really good. I don’t know how long the group has been together but their chemistry was that of a very experienced group. They were very balanced on the record and worked together on delivering the message beautifully. It didn’t seem like a group, it felt more like one mind trying to create a picture for the listener. Accompanied with the production, their chemistry made Heir Craft a very easy listen.

Their chemistry was great but there was one more thing that was another very pleasant surprise.

Pleasant Surprise #3

Their Lyricism:

As long as I’ve listened and loved hip-hop, I’ve always placed a high value on lyricism. I believe it’s the most important part of an album, and the most important skill any artist can have. Whether it be the name of the group or the album title, I was intrigued by what the level of lyricism would be on this record. Simply, I was impressed. The duo’s lyricism was very strong on Heir Craft. Their flows were great and complimentary to each others. They had good wordplay and punchlines. Most importantly, they were great communicators. Each song was clear and leads the listener exactly where Auditory Fabric wanted to take them. I mentioned earlier how great I thought the production was, well that can be a challenge for some artists to compete with lyrically. Auditory Fabric had no problem with this. They complimented the production wonderfully. Neither the lyricism nor the production outshined the other. That made for a very well rounded and balanced project, and it makes for an easy and enjoyable listen.


All together Auditory Fabric put together a really good record. It was solid from start to finish. It also had plenty of playback value, so listeners will find tracks that they will repeatedly go back to. The message behind the music was very solid and keeps Christ the center of the record. Overall, Heir Craft has everything one could want from an album. It is definitely worth the purchase. This record is good enough to not get lost in the shuffle of all the records coming out.

Auditory Fabric proved on Heir Craft that they are more than just a creative name. They are a talented young duo that has a bright future in Christian Hip-Hop.

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