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AJ McQueen’s debut EP said to be “fueled by a personal depression”

Houston-based activist, poet and emcee AJ McQueen debuts his first EP titled The Great Progression. The EP, fueled by a personal depression, released on Saturday, May 20.

In a press release statement sent to, McQueen described the journey of creating the EP. McQueen is a community leader with an infectious personality, but he is an individual who has never experienced depression. That all changed when his father passed and a broken engagement occurred.


AJ McQueen | The Gr8 Progression EP Cover Art

When McQueen was experiencing his depression, “he would lock himself in the dark and wouldn’t eat. Two things brought him out of darkness—his Bible, and his pen.” He began to study the Bible and The Great Depression of the 1900’s. 

“What started off as me just trying to progress through my own challenges has turned into a project that I hope will help everybody do the same, McQueen said.”

The Great Progression begins with spoken word poetry and is filled with tracks that push people to reflect on how to better themselves, relationships, and how to be a better contributor in the community. The EP’s sound is authentic Hip-Hop laced with exquisite lyricism, pensive articulation, metaphors, and double entendres.

Hip-Hop Writer, Sketch The Journalist, says “I greatly admire AJ’s perseverance to use his voice as an emcee who is unapologetically “pro-black” and “pro-Christ.” That’s a “pro-gression” we need to see more often in today’s music.”

The Great Progression is a new regime and a new wave. It’s a call to action through music that goes against the norm and challenges listeners—primarily those that share the same sentiments as I do about what’s going on it the world, family, relationships, religion etc.,” McQueen said. “It’s a challenge to progress through whatever life throws at you.”

The Great Progression is produced by Tunez, formerly know as Mic Tunez. The EP includes features from Sean C. Johnson and Niomie Luvv.

You can listen to AJ McQueen’s latest single, “Move That Aside,” below:

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