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A Few Thoughts on 9/11

A Few Thoughts on 9/11

This was originally posted on September 11, 2012.

I was a Senior at Howard University and living in Hyattsville, MD the day the world changed. I woke up that morning and all that was on my mind was copping Jay-Z’s The Blueprint CD. I had already been playing “Takeover” and “Izzo” in the clubs as I had 12 inch vinyls (pre-Serato). I was a huge Jay-Z fan that wanted to hear that CD. I’d done my best to avoid copping a bootleg.

The alarm went off at 8:30 AM and I hit the shower. I looked in my closet and realized I needed to iron something to wear. I had a 10 AM class and it was about 9 at the time, so I had time to make it happen. I turned on the iron and while I waited, I decided to turn on The Today Show. As I flipped to Channel 4, the first image that greeted me was Tower Number 1 burning.

My first thought was, what kind of movie is this? As I kept watching and started listening though, I realized that this was not a movie but a live shot of New York City. At the time, Katie Curic and Matt Lauer didn’t think it was a terroist attack though. Their speculation was that this was an accidental plane crash.

Then plane number 2 hit and all hell broke loose.

I was glued to the TV. I couldn’t stop watching as everyone was trying to figure out what was going on. No commercials. Just panic. 20-30 minutes later, word came that there was a car bomb in front of the White House (which later we discovered was a blown tire), but also, that another plane had hit the Pentagon.

At this point, I called my roommate. He had an earlier class and was already on campus. I told him what had happened and he went to the 5th floor of Howard’s School of Business and said he could see smoke coming from the direction of the Pentagon. We hung up and it seemed like he walked in the door 30 seconds later (it was really 20 minutes later).

Everything was moving so fast.

A million things were crossing my mind. Were these terrorists attacking the whole country? Or were they just targeting New York and DC? Was I going to die? Should I try to get out of town and drive back to Ohio? Why is this happening?

At the time, I wasn’t saved. But the thought of the world ending certainly crossed my mind. I was petrified. I thought there was a chance that I would die that day. The Pentagon was only 30 minutes from our apartment.

Though I didn’t realize this at the time, the reality is had I died on 9/11, I wouldn’t have gone to heaven. My mind nor my heart was postured towards God. My life revolved around doing what brought me the most pleasure.

Thankfully the world didn’t end and I didn’t die. I certainly wasn’t ready. Every time I think of 9/11, though, I think about the feeling of fear I felt that day. I thank God, that He did save me, so that now, when I do eventually die, I know I’m going to Heaven.

Like all of us, my heart goes out to the families of those who lost someone as a result of 9/11. We all know we have to die at some point, but no one imagines it happening like that. It just seems unfair.

As you reflect, remember that tomorrow is not promised. No one knows the day nor the hour that Jesus is coming back. Nor do we know how long we will live on this earth.

If you are reading this and you have never given your life to Jesus, I urge you not to wait. God loved all of us enough, that he would pay the price, death, for your sin. He proved that He has all power when he conquered death and rose from the grave 3 days later.

I’m not perfect. You are not perfect. And that doesn’t matter. God takes us as we are with no strings attached.

If you want to know more about this Jesus, feel free to reply below or send me and email. I’d love to help you start the most important journey of your life.


If the world ended today, what would happen to you?

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