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7 Ways to Pray for Christian Hip-Hop Artists


Prayer is an essential aspect to any Christian’s walk. It is how we communicate with the Lord and support one another. Prayer is especially important when there are artists traveling from city to city to perform for hundreds of people. This topic was pressed upon my heart a few weeks ago and I was inspired to write about it after one of our recent Wade-O Radio Team meetings.

As fans of Christian hip hop – matter of fact, as human beings period – we need to pray for one another. Daily. Put aside the fact that it’s your favorite rapper or singer. They are human beings first. They face the same temptations, trials, disappointments and sometimes life experience as you. They should not be overlooked as recipients of our prayers. Sometimes we can think that everything is “all good” with our favorite artists just because they are constantly putting out music. But if you really knew, you would fall to your knees immediately interceding for some of these musicians and their situations.

We, here at Wade-O Radio love the music, but ultimately it is about what our motto says, “It’s More than Music, it’s Ministry.” We are adamant about making sure that people are in right relationship with Christ, rather than just knowing about the next highly anticipated album or hot new single dropping.

With that being said, we came up with 7 ways you can use to pray for your favorite Christian rapper every day of the week.

1. Pray for their Families

Most of the artists involved in Christian hip hop (CHH) have families and being on tour or being away from home for long periods of time can be hard on everyone involved. Pray for the families of these artists, and that their time away from the stage or mic will be beneficial. Pray that they are intentional with their time, because once it is gone; it is hard to get back. Pray that their time with their families will be encouraging and an act of selflessness. Pray that families are in one accord and agree about schedules and desires to do music part-time or possibly full-time for some.

Pray that artists will serve and love their families well, by being faithful and for providing for them. Pray that they will honor their family’s time and keep it sacred. At the end of the day, God will not ask how many units you moved, but how well did you lead or serve your family. Have you made disciples? Have you told them about the Gospel and about Jesus Christ?

2. Pray that they will resist Temptation

Pray against temptation from believers and unbelievers. Let’s be real. We know that these are Christian artists and fans, but temptation is a real enemy, especially on the road away from home. Pray that artists are honoring their spouses by staying faithful and that they are spiritually equipping themselves with God’s word (scripture) to combat temptation or even lies from the enemy. And it’s not just temptation in terms of relationships, but it’s temptation from drugs, greed, etc.

3. Pray that they exercise Wisdom

With the music industry constantly making moves and decisions, pray that artists are making wise decisions when it comes to their music, the content, partnerships, cover art, shows and all of the decisions that can possibly affect them as artists and their fan base.

Pray they wisely evaluate the best business and ministry opportunities, relationships, etc.

“If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him.” (James 1:5)

4. Pray that they will grow in Humility

“God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6) Humility goes a long way. In our small sub-genre it is easy for an artist to “blow-up” in their city or start to build a following where not only their name can get big, but their egos as well. Pray for artists to remain humble, even when God begins to open major doors to bigger stages.

It’s easy to get a big head and think it’s all about you when fans are feeding your ego and gassing you up on the internet.

“More humble rappers please.”

5. Pray that they stay Healthy

“Look, mama feel like she losing me
To this lifestyle that’s consuming me
I travel every weekend
Even when I’m weak, man
You know what that to do to me
Back pain, back pain
Sleeping on planes, I’m feeling like Bruce Wayne” –
Death of Me” – Andy Mineo

The wear and tear of the road can be brutal for some. Tour after tour, concert after concert, city after city, it is very easy to wear yourself thin if you’re not taking care of yourself as an artist.

It can be especially tough for touring artists to eat healthy and get enough sleep and exercise when they’re not in their own bed, kitchen, and gym on a regular basis. Travel on buses and airplanes can also be taxing on their bodies not to mention all the germ transfer that can come from shaking hands and hugging a few thousand strangers. (You guys ARE washing your hands before you dap up Derek Minor, right?)

Though working hard has its due, even the Lord rested, so as artists, you should too.

6. Pray that they seek Accountability

We all need to be kept accountable. Being in the spotlight is no different. Pray that artists are kept accountable for their actions and for the things that they say by people who genuinely love them and have their best interests at heart. Pray that they are kept accountable by their local church pastor/elder.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)

7. Pray that their ministry remains Effective

Sometimes we can think that we are doing something, but not be effective at all. Pray that artists will have an impact and make the most of every opportunity. Otherwise it will be a waste of time away from family, church, work, etc.

Pray for motives and desires.


There are many other things that we should be praying for, but these are the seven things that stood out to us. Don’t just complain and critique artists, but intentionally pray for them. If we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, it is our duty to go to the Father on their behalf. If you were in their position, you would like someone to pray for you.

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What other topics or ways can you think of that we need to pray for?

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