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Video: 6 Way St (fka Level 3:16) Explains Their Name Change

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All new video series on the Wade-O Video Channel. We go backstage of the concerts of your favorite artists and chop it up with them before they hit the stage.

In this edition, DJ Wade-O interviews 6 Way St (Formerly Level 3:16) during a photo shoot in Indiana.

In the interview, they talked about the following:
– [0:33] – Why change from Level 3:16
– [2:05] – How did they come up with 6 Way St
– [6:00] – Their next music project and working with J.R. and Jimmy Natural
– [9:45] – Being stranded on the road for 3 days during a concert
– [13:01] – What people can expect content wise from their new music
– [13:57] – Their relationship outside of the music
– [15:00] – Their favorite foods

Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O
Footage Shot By Rasool Berry
Video Edited by Craig Walkine Jr.,
Graphic Design by JBTZ XCLSV
Motion Graphics by Mwendo LLC

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