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5 Things The Tradional Church Should Know About Christian Hip Hop


The following is a guest post I wrote for, a non-profit started by ESPN’s Chris Broussard to empower men thru the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian Hip Hop has always had a contentious relationship with the traditional church. Many in the church see the words “Hip Hop” and ignore the word “Christian,” immediately writing it off as misogynistic and harmful. As someone who grew up loving hip hop and attending traditional churches, this breaks my heart. Christian Hip Hop has literally been a catalyst to help change my life and as one of the genre’s leading DJs, I see the impact it has on people’s lives throughout the country and even the world.

Given my unique background, I’d like to share five things I wish I could tell all traditional church members who dislike or feel uneasy about Christian Hip Hop. I pray this article helps to show that we are all on the same team and members of the same body of Christ.


“I don’t do this for the money.  I don’t do this for fame.  I don’t do this so the industry can know my name.” – Lecrae

“Not Buddha or Confucius, but the only one that didn’t stay in that grave…Only King that’s spelled without a little k.” – Swoope

“Without Jesus I can’t breathe, he’s my ventilation. Without Jesus I can’t think. He’s my inspiration.” – shai linne

These are lyrics from some of the more prominent artists in the Christian Hip Hop community. As you can see, the lyrics are very Christ-Centered and Christ-Exalting. Some would even classify them as worship. Sure there is a bit of slang in the delivery and the lyrics are rapped, and not sung. But the intent is pure: we are speaking the language of people who enjoy this style of music.


Lecrae is by far the most popular Christian rapper by any measurable statistic. He has the most Twitter followers and Facebook fans. He performs on the biggest stages. He even sells the most records. We all praise God for our brother. The Lord has elevated him to heights never before seen by artists in our scene.

With his recent Grammy win, he has now appeared on the radar of even more people in the music community, which is a great thing. But if he is the only guy you are familiar with, I encourage you to check out:

Our genre is rich with artists with many types of styles, deliveries, geographical backgrounds and perspectives. Check out the links in each artist name to hear more!

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