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5 Reasons why you still struggle with Pornography


We all struggle with trying to conquer a bad habit of some sort. And some times it can take days, weeks, months, even years to fight it. But it all depends on if we’re willing to do what it takes to fight these bad habits for the long run. When it comes to dealing with porn addiction, are you taking the necessary steps to get rid of it?

Here are five reasons why you still struggle with Pornography.

1. No accountability

If you’re going to get rid of any bad habit or conquer any addiction, it’s important to have accountability. You must have people in your life who will ask you the tough questions, but love you enough that if you give them a bad answer, they will help you and not condemn you.

Accountability is tricky, because the person holding you accountable can only have access to what you give them access to. If you don’t have software on your computer, tablet or smartphone like Covenant Eyes, that will give them a report every week of what websites you have been to, they can’t hold you accountable. They won’t know if you are struggling. And if they don’t know if you are struggling, they can’t help you or pray specifically for your struggle.

Accountability also keeps you encouraged. When you are doing well, your accountability group can cheer you on and help keep you motivated. Even when you aren’t doing well, a good accountability partner will help you repent and focus on refocusing on your goals.

No accountability will lead to big struggles with pornography.

2. You aren’t practically dealing with your lust

I’ve had extended periods of time where I didn’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on my phone. Reason being was that those apps made it easy to by pass my accountability and look at things I shouldn’t be looking at. The temptation was too great for me. So rather than continue to set myself up for failure, I decided to take them off my phone completely.

For you it may not be social media. There could be something else that is a constant pitfall for you. Seeing a certain person may cause you to have impure thoughts, which then leads you to seek out porn to quench them. Watching certain movies or TV shows could be your gateway to porn. I don’t know.

There is biblical precedent for this line of thinking. Jesus said, “If your right hand causes you to sin, you should cut it off.”  It may not literally be your right hand causing you to sin, but whatever it is, you need to get ride of it until it is no longer a thorn in your side. Some things may be permanent. Others, temporary. Regardless, you need to get rid of it.

3. You aren’t grounded in the Word of God

This is perhaps the most underrated reason many people never break their porn addictions. Our society teaches us to do tangible things to break our addiction. And to an extinct, these things work. But as Christians, we know the real battle that we fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and evilness in dark places. (Ephesians 6:12)

If we are fighting a spiritual war, we need to be equipped for spiritual warfare. We must know what God’s design for our sexuality is. Why He designed us that way and His intended goal for us as we mature.

Temptation is everywhere. We must know not only how to fight it physically, but also spiritually. When Jesus was in the wilderness, he was able to ward off Satan by quoting God’s Word to Him. Jesus knew God’s mission for his life and he memorized God’s promises. We cannot allow Satan to trick us into believing a lie. The only way to stop him is to know the truth.

4. You don’t pray for deliverance enough

God’s answer to prayer changes things. So often however, we try to deal with our inner most demons by ourselves. We treat God almost as if He is a fire extinguisher. We will break the glass and call on him only in our darkest emergency.

God desires a relationship with us. He wants us to constantly communicate with us. He knows are deepest secrets, but he also wants us to communicate them to Him so that He can help us through them.

Praying for deliverance is one of the best preventative measures we can take. It’s like tag teaming a wrestling partner. Asking for God’s help means you don’t have to fight the fight alone. Every time you are tempted, ask God for help. Pray every morning that He will keep your heart and thoughts clear. Ask Him to take away the desire to look at porn. Ask Him to help you identify your trigger points. Ask Him to put Godly people in your life who will hold you accountable and keep you encouraged. Lean on God for deliverance!

5. Deep down, you don’t want to quit

We lie to ourselves. We say we want to quit, but really, we like the feeling more than we desire God’s love. We’d rather the pleasure of sin, than the protection of God’s deliverance.  We rather continue to feed the flesh than build the spirit man. The devil has tricked us into thinking we’d be better off continuing to sin than seeking God for help.

Simply put, you may not have gotten to the place where you really want to quit. You may be aware that you are in sin. But if you aren’t actively taking steps to address and deal with your sin, you are too comfortable in it.

I have written about my struggles with pornography in the past and I still take it day by day.  If it wasn’t for God’s love, I’d still be trapped in it. My Pastor reminds our church of this fact every week. He closes each service with this quote: “There is nothing that can happen to you this week, that you and The Lord cannot work out together.” This includes pornography. You can fight it with God’s help.

Ed. Note: We strongly recommend that anyone who struggles with sexual sin, particularly on the internet, should use a service like Covenant Eyes (Affiliate link) for accountability. I use them on every device that I own and it helps keep me honest even when I don’t want to be honest. Our affiliate code, WadeORadio, allows you to try the first month free of charge. You can find out more about covenant eyes here. – Wade

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