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5 More Things The Traditional Church Should Know About Christian Hip Hop


The following is a guest post I wrote for, a non-profit started by ESPN’s Chris Broussard to empower men thru the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In my initial post on things the church should know about Christian Hip Hop, I discussed these 5 points:

1. We do this to communicate the truth of Jesus Christ to a specific demographic
2. Lecrae isn’t the only person who does this
3. Most of us are not artists who couldn’t cut it in the secular arena
4. We value the artistic side of the craft
5. Jesus has called us to do this

As I stated before, my goal is to help clear up misconceptions that may exist about Christian Hip Hop and further explain why many of us do this. These next 5 points will speak even more to the heart of our mission.

6.  We believe we can impact hip hop culture with the Gospel

One of the patterns we see in the New Testament is when a believer gets saved, that person then goes back to minister to the people in his or her community/family. Peter preached to the Jews. Paul went to the synagogue in every city he visited to preach the Gospel. And Acts 18:7 says that when Titius Justus got saved, his whole family did too.

Many of us grew up on hip hop and were part of the local music scene in our community. Obviously we know what God has done in our lives and we desire to impact those who are in that community with the Gospel. In addition, when you look at how Paul engaged culture in passages like Acts 17, it gives us biblical evidence that the Gospel can influence mainstream culture.

7.  We are not rebels on a mission alone; we want accountability and covering

One of the big discussions going on in our community right now is accountability. As the opportunities for Christian rappers increase, the need for Godly wisdom and council increases. Many of us are faced with situations and opportunities that very few have faced. Far too often, however, we don’t have ministerial counsel that is sound or that understands the nuances of hip hop. Without both, we can run into situations where a Pastor gives advice on something that he/she doesn’t fully understand. It is important for traditional churches to embrace this form of music so we can utilize the wisdom that many of the leaders of these ministries have. In essence, you’d be helping us do more effective ministry.

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