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5 Great Christian Hip Hop Covers of “We Three Kings”


Despite it being mildly confusing (and quite possibly inaccurate), the American hymn “We Three Kings” has proven to be a popular Christmas carol.

It’s also apparently a big hit among rappers who are Christians – perhaps because it so easily lends itself to a cypher-type track that features multiple emcees.

So while the Bible doesn’t refer to Christ’s visitors as kings and doesn’t give an account of their number (the three is likely a reference to the trio of gifts that are mentioned in Scripture), it does still paint a picture of the worship that Jesus the Messiah deserves – even at his birth.

Enjoy five of our favorite Christian hip hop versions of “We Three Kings” below. And for more background on the “We Three Kings” meme, check out this post from

Pettidee, Verbs aka Knowdaverbs, and Bonafied (from GRITS)

A crunkified-yet-somewhat-traditional take on the song from 2013’s Pettidee Presents a Soldier Sound Christmas album.

K-Drama, Charde Jones and Naima J.

This piano-based version comes from K-Drama’s 2014 Christmas Rap Music album.

Theory Hazit, MG! the Visionary, Page One and DJ Because

This version, from 2009’s An Illect Recordings Christmas Recording, includes a flighty flute theme definitely carries the northwest-US-vibe that is the home to half of the artists. Credit to DJ Because for the cuts and samples.

RedCloud, Jeremiah Bonds, Kaboose, MaxOne, and DJ Promote

This throbbing track features standouts from the Syntax Records roster (at the time) and was released on their Christmas project from 2008.

God’s Servant feat. The Ambassador, G.O.D. Sent and AD3

This single highlights a singing hook with a traditional church organ chop in the background. It was featured on God Servant’s 2012 album The Christ of Christmas.

Catch the studio version on Lampmode’s Bandcamp page and watch a live performance below (minus AD3.)

Music Video: Konata
How Trip Lee, John O

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