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4 Tips Every Producer should know


South Florida based producer Mashell Leroy, who is responsible for songs like Json’s “Passing” and “Stars” (Braille), Flame’s “Break the Building” (Royal Flush), and God Servant’s “Look Ye Saints” and “At His Feet” (Diadem), breaks down 4 tips he’s learned since being involved in the Christian hip hop industry.

Leroy is currently working on Json’s next upcoming project and with other major artists set to come out with projects later this year. In the video, Mashell talks about 4 tips that have assisted him as a producer to help him get more exposure with major Christian hip hop artists and producers in the sub-genre.

Tip 1: Find Honest Feedback
Tip 2: Find a good Artist
Tip 3: Find a good Songwriter
Tip 4: Be Willing to Collaborate

Mashell credits most of his exposure to having the ability to work with South Florida based rapper Serge, who is set to release his mixtape ‘Off Season’ May 13.


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