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Concert Review: Trip Lee – The Good Life Book Tour Miami

4 Things I took away from The Good Life Book Tour

4 Things I Took Away from The Good Life Book Tour

Trip Lee recently set out on his seven city book tour featuring vocalist Leah Smith to promote his book The Good Life, which was released fall of last year. The tour stopped in Miami on Thursday, February 21st, and was a part of Fuzion Ministries A.D. Inc’s Stand Up Tour. It is a tour geared towards ‘transforming and igniting the young adult generation.’

A small crowd gathered before the doors were set to open, and the crowd began to move into the church foyer, with the line curving the corner and leading to outside. The concert sold 240 pre-sale tickets and had an estimated 400 people in the building. From young to old, many were excited to see Trip Lee perform live. Some of which were their first time seeing him in concert.

“I’m expecting for God to be glorified, give knowledge of His word, and have some praise and worship.” -Rashunda S.

Many, bringing family and friends to the event waited patiently, as the show did not start exactly at 7pm, due to some technical difficulties. But once the double doors opened, many filed in and sat down in anticipation.

Though this is not my first time seeing Trip in concert, there were four things that I took away from The Good Life Book Tour.

1. The Tour is different than other Reach Record Tours

When it comes to the Unashamed Tour, the visuals are phenomenal and the energy is through the roof. Plus you’re talking about the full Reach Records roster. When you go to The Good Life Book Tour expect to sit down and listen. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.

The set starts with Leah Smith singing some of her songs and then leading into Praise and Worship. That is followed by Trip talking about his book and what the Good Life should look like in Christ. He has some good points that I don’t want to give away. It then transitions into a Question and Answer segment and concludes with the concert.

Expect to see motion graphics at a smaller scale. And depending on the venue, lots of lights and fog. There is no exclusive band, hype-man, back up singers or anything like that, just the DJ and Trip going on in.

Though many will be amped to hear his music, please understand that he is promoting his book as well, so that will be a good bulk of the experience.

2. Leah Smith is an amazing vocalist

The Philly songstress has been a feature on a few of Trip’s songs and has also collabed with artists like S.O., R-Swift, Believin Stephen, Mark Arthur, Stephen the Levite, J. Miles and others. So to say the least, Leah Smith is a strong voice in the Christian Hip Hop genre. Sadly, I have never seen her live until Thursday night.

Trip Lee The Good Life Book Tour Pics by FMAD 5

Photo Courtesy of KAP Photography & Fuzion Ministries A.D.

Smith opened the show, though many didn’t know who she was, the crowd still received her well and sang with her as she transitioned into praise and worship. Her smooth, jazzy vocals caressed my ears, as she played the piano with grace. She only sang two of her original songs, and did not do any songs with Trip. I would have loved to have seen them perform ‘Limitations’ together, even though it’s on ‘Between Two Worlds.’ Or at least ‘Good Thing.’ Nonetheless, the crowd enjoyed her and she was in her element.

3. Miami is a viable market for Christian Hip Hop

When it comes to Christian Hip Hop, some states have more artists in the genre than others. Florida is no different. The interesting thing about Florida though, is its ability to impact all cultures. Yes the Tampa/Orlando and Jacksonville areas have a strong impact as well, but the place that holds true to that statement the most is Miami. It’s a melting pot of different cultures. It also has a good handful of CHH artists. English-speaking and Spanish-speaking.

It’s not like they haven’t been around. They have been making noise for some time. There are artists like Rhema Soul, Joe Justiz, Dre Marshall, Cheyno Life, Probly Pablo, Social Club, newcomers Authentik, and more I don’t know of. And when it comes to DJ’s pushing the music, look to J Blaze, DJ Morph and DJ Mr. E.

I’m continuing to understand the Miami CHH scene, but at the Trip concert I saw that fans are eager to have more CHH artists come down and perform. Not only are there great South Florida artists present, but there are DJ’s like DJ Mr. E, who DJ’d and hosted the concert, who are promoting the genre, and are also reaching out to more CHH artists like Trip Lee to come.

Trip Lee The Book Life Book Tour Pics by FMAD

Photo Courtesy of KAP Photography & Fuzion Ministries A.D.

As Christian Hip Hop continues to grow, many continue to promote the 305 as a hotspot for CHH artists. Events like the Stand Up Tour, put on by Clinton Powell, asks fans to tell them who they want to see come to Miami, and then they will try to make it happen. One thing is for sure. The fans are here and ready. It was very evident last fall during the Unashamed Tour, to my surprise, the building was packed with Christian Hip Hop fans of all ages and races.

Among the Miami artists, it’s good to see well known and lesser known artists come out and support one another. In the building to support Trip were Rhema Soul, J Blaze, members of Authentik and producer Gawvi formerly known as G-Styles.

4. Trip Lee is making his transition into pastoring evident

Though Trip said that last fall’s Unashamed Tour would be his last “unashamed” tour, he never mentioned retiring or not touring in a different capacity. In The Good Life Book Tour expect to hear more of Pastor Trip Lee than the ‘yes sir’ Trip Lee.

Trip Lee The Good Life Tour pics by FMAD 10

Photo Courtesy of KAP Photography & Fuzion Ministries A.D.

He takes a good time to talk about his book and gives a little sermon on it as well. As I stated earlier, I’ve seen Trip in concert several times, but I have never heard him necessarily preach a sermon. He seemed very at ease, like he is when he spits, telling stories and joking. For me, it was good to see him in the element and direction he feels the Lord is guiding him in. Many will take away a whole lot more from his preaching message than they will from the concert.

With that in mind, it may be somewhat of a let down for some who just come for the music. But if you’re a Trip Lee fan period, you’ll enjoy the experience.

“His message on the good life I think is perfect for young people to hear. Because you know you have so many young people out there just chasing the dream. Chasing after money, chasing after women, chasing after you know, sex. And it’s a lie. You know, when they get there, we see a lot of artists, when they get there they are still missing something. And that one thing is God.” -Priscilla

There were others elements that I took away from the tour, but these four things stood out to me more. Trip Lee is a strong force in the genre and will definitely be one in the pastoral as well. In the meantime, I do hope to still hear him on a feature or two.

Peep to catch the tour in a city near you.

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