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4 Reasons Why you should buy RMG’s “Welcome to the Family”

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Working in groups can be very difficult. I think back to when I was in high school and we had group projects. Everyone had a different opinion or idea of what we should do. There was usually a lack of a leader, so there was little organization. And a lot of times somebody in the group got completely left out. It’s the same in music. Group albums are much different than solo albums. There are a lot of different things to worry about with a group album as opposed to a solo album. A lot of times a member of the group gets left out or not represented the way he wanted to. Egos sometimes have to be stroked, or one person just tries to steal the whole show. “Welcome to the Family,” however, is how a group album should be done. Each member of the group was able to be themselves, but they still worked together beautifully to create something special.

The 4 reasons why you should buy RMG’s “Welcome to the Family” are simple, the artists themselves:

Reason 1 – Chad Jones: Chad is probably the least known of the artists in Reflection Music Group. So “Welcome to the Family” was sort of a coming out party for him, and he took full advantage. Chad has a style unlike anyone else in CHH. That style accompanied with his wit captivates listeners. Throughout the album I found myself wondering what he was going to say next. Chad Jones definitely kept me entertained throughout the entire record.

Reason 2 – Canon: With the release of a solid mixtape last year and his ability to kill features, Canon probably had the most anticipation surrounding him. And he did not disappoint. From the smooth yet energetic way he rides a beat to the twisting ability he’s most known for, Canon gave his fans everything they were expecting and more. There were times throughout this record where I dropped my jaw, because when Canon twists you can’t help but be impressed. “Welcome to the Family” was just another opportunity to see Canon’s great potential.

Reason 3 – Tony Tillman: The artist formerly known as Brothatone came hard on this record. He showed a lot of growth and the ability to stand out in a group (which is very important on a record like this). Tone is known for his rugged style and street-laden rhymes, but the growth came in his word play. Tone showed supreme word play throughout the entire record, and that’s what set his verses apart. So if this was the introduction to “Tony Tillman”, than I am very excited to see what the future has for him.

Reason 4 – PRo: PRo is a great artist (one of the best CHH has to offer). “Welcome to the Family” was just another example of that. But I want to focus specifically on two things that PRo did on this record that showed even more growth. First was his versatility. PRo has always been versatile but on this record it seemed like we were getting a different PRo on each track. And they all were great. Second was leadership. What I mean by that is that he played the background and allowed his group mates to shine. It felt like it was more about the group than it was about him. It takes a great deal of humility to do that, and I think this record was better for it.

The talent alone between these four artists is enough reasons for any CHH fan to buy “Welcome to the Family”. There is serious star power in RMG. But even a person who isn’t particularly a CHH fan can enjoy this record because of the energy. RMG creates an enjoyable and exciting environment that anyone can experience. “Welcome to the Family” is a real good first impression for RMG. Lyrically it didn’t have the depth that I would expect from this kind of talent, but they made up for that with great chemistry. I was also impressed with how well they worked together. They made seamless transitions from artist to artist effortlessly. It was like watching a championship team go to work. Nothing seemed forced or even like they were trying, everything flowed perfectly. Each person in the group provides something important to the group: Chad Jones brings the swag, Canon brings the energy, Tony brings a rugged grittiness, and PRo brings the passion. When you take the talent that all four of these artists has and combine it with the things each one brings you have a great group. And probably the next big group/label in CHH.

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