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30 Christian Hip-Hop Songs about Love and Romance


When it comes to love and romance, we all love a good song that proclaims our sentiments for our significant other.

Christian Hip-Hop has also contributed to this category with songs that expresses their love for their spouse, children, or even the love Jesus showed on the cross for us.

To celebrate all things love, we give you 30 CHH tracks that highlight love and romance.

This list is in no particular order.

1. “We Can Be More” + “We Can Be More Gentlemen’s Remix” + “We Can Be More Ladies Remix” – Sho Baraka feat. Courtney Orlando (fka J.R.)

In 2010, when Sho Baraka was still under the Reach Records banner, he released his sophomore album entitled Lions and Liars. One of his hit songs was “We Can Be More,” – a considerably instant classic. The song was such a hit that two remixes were created after it.  One for the ladies, featuring Erica Cumbo, Mahogany Jones and Butta P, and the other for the fellas, featuring Trip Lee, Alex Medina and Flame.

“Gentlemen’s Remix” feat. Trip Lee, Alex Medina & Flame

“Ladies Remix” feat. Erica Cumbo, Mahogany Jones & Butta P

2. “We Can’t Lose” – LP

In 2006, rapper LP (Like Paul) released his album Testimony. On the album, LP created a love song entitled “We Can’t Lose,” a song dedicated to the pursuit of his significant other and how they can’t lose when God is on their side.

3. “Always and Forever” – KB

On KB’s highly anticipated sophomore album Tomorrow We Live, he dedicated “Always and Forever” to his wife. Their love for one another will be always and forever, just like Christ’s unconditional love for His bride, the Church.

4. “Isle of You” – Christon Gray

With the smooth vocals of Christon Gray, it is hard to resist this love ballad called “Isle of You” (I Love You). Plus, we can’t forget to highlight his highly acclaimed album School of Roses.

5. “Cherished” – Da’ T.R.U.T.H. feat. CeCe Winans

Accompanied by Gospel legend CeCe Winans, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. dedicated this song to his wife Nicole. Though they dealt with a rough patch in their marriage, T.R.U.T.H. reminisced on how they met, how God restores relationships, and how we are cherished by Him and how T.R.U.T.H. cherishes her. Something most couples can relate to.

6. Cliff Notes – Natalie Lauren

In 2014 Natalie Lauren dedicated a whole project to love and relationships. The project doesn’t look at love as some kind of fairytale, but it looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly of love. It is a solid EP filled with potent lyrics and high replay value. There was no way we could just pick one song to highlight. Plus the project is available as a free download.

7. “All I Need is You” – Lecrae

When it comes to love songs, Lecrae has no problem expressing his love for his wife on any of the projects he has released. As a bonus track on Rehab (2010), Lecrae teamed up with Chris Lee Cobbins to produce “I Love You.” On his mixtape Church Clothes (2012) he had “Special” featuring Lester “L2” Shaw. A song about how their relationship is something truly special and he’s not afraid to declare it, as he has found the “one.”

On Gravity (2012) he included the song “Buttons.” The track talks about the way couples may push one another’s buttons, but still stick it out together. On his latest project, Church Clothes 3 (2016), Lecrae created “Forever.” His most popular love song will probably have to be “All I Need is You” (Anomaly, 2014), which features vintage video footage of Lecrae proposing to his then girlfriend and their wedding day. Aww shucks!

8. “Blind Man” – SPZRKT

SPZRKT sings this song so beautifully, as he doesn’t focus on the outer appearance of a woman, but he focuses on her inner soul, and the beauty of her character. So much so, that a blind man can love her.

9. “Right By My Side” – Derek Minor feat. Anthony Evans Jr. & Chad Jones

On his latest album Empire, Derek Minor teamed up with Gospel Singer Anthony Evans Jr. and label mate Chad Jones to produce “Right By My Side.” A song dedicated to his wife and no matter what goes on in his life, she has and will always been right by his side. Derek has also released “Love” and “Love You Better.”

10. “Light up the Night” – Rawsrvnt feat. Erica Cumbo

Rawsrvnt has no problem expressing how he feels concerning christians addressing love, romance, and sex. He believes that songs about love and sex can be done appropriately all under the context of God’s design for a marriage covenant. This is specifically showcased in his song “Light Up the Night.”

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