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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Familiar with Collision Records

Collision Records

2012 has been a huge year in Christian Hip-Hop. We have seen some classic albums drop, new artists come out, historical collaborations and some great concerts. And it’s only October! In the midst of all of this, a small record label may have gone unnoticed.

Adam ‘AT’ Thomason and Joseph Preilozny (now with Reach Records) founded Collision Records back in 2009 and have been featured on other CHH tracks, but now is making a big splash in CHH this year.

Collision Records has had a huge year in their own right. Each artist has put out a stellar project, they’ve been on dozens of features and they have seemingly been everywhere in CHH. Even with that it seems like Collision isn’t getting the respect they deserve.

Here are three reasons why you should get to know Collision Records a little better:

1.) Quality of the Label

The quality of the label isn’t just found in their mission statement. It is also found in the consistency of excellence that is put out from the label. Everything that Collision Records puts out is done with an excellence that is noticeable. You can tell by listening that they don’t aim to just put anything out. They want to touch you with the content and with excellent music. That goal is reached every time. If you pick up a Collision project you are guaranteed quality.

Everything about Collision reeks of high quality. The music is the first thing that grabs you but when you peel back the curtain you can see that the label is run with that same quality in mind. This is the type of label that CHH needs. One that just doesn’t aim to produce quality music but to bring change to the culture. I think Adam ‘AT’ Thomason says it best in their mission statement “We see music as a means and not the end; with the end being culture changed, not ears tickled.”

2.) Quality of the Roster

Most people when sizing up a label look at the roster. There is nothing with that, that’s the first thing I look at. When you look at Collision’s roster two things will jump out at you instantly. First is probably how small it is. Secondly is the talent.

Collision Records’ roster is shorter than most labels. But what they lack in size they make up in talent. The talent locked up in the three artists that Collision has is more than most labels with double the artists. Collision has brought in MC’s, not rappers. They do more than just spit a few bars. Each track has lyrical depth, intellect and unparalleled creativity. They make music at Collision.

From top to bottom each artist brings something a little different to the table. Swoope is an intellectual/backpack musician that can lyrically rock your world. Christon Gray may be one of the most talented musicians I have ever heard. Alex Faith brings a southern grittiness to the table, but don’t let that fool you, he is also a beast lyrically.

Even though each artist is different and has their own lane, they all complement each other beautifully. They share the ability to make music, not just songs. They are all lyrically gifted and captivating on the mic. They are truly like a family; a very talented family.

3.) Quality Resume

Much like their roster, Collision’s resume isn’t very big. But again, like their roster, it is powerful. Pretty much everything Collision has put out over the past year and a half has been high in quality.

2011 saw Collision release some appetizers with Swoope’s “Applause Vol. 1” and “Spring Fling.” Both were great projects in their own right, but they were just a small taste of what was to come from the label. 2012 had each artist on the label release a project. Swoope dropped his Collision debut “Wake Up” in March and completely changed CHH. It’s a creative masterpiece and an instant CHH classic. It put Collision on the map.

Next was Alex Faith’s free album “Honest 2 God” in August. It came as a little of a surprise because no one had really heard from Alex for awhile, but he practically became a house hold name following the jaw-dropping project. This record was beautifully put together and started to set an expectation for what Collision was doing.

Christon Gray quickly followed with “Body Art” in September. Chris showed amazing versatility and exceptional lyricism. This record brought the label full circle and allowed all of CHH to hear what the label was capable of musically. We saw that Collision Records is capable of amazing things. Each project that was released showed that high quality of music they were able to put out.

In the midst of all of these projects Collision was everywhere. They were featured with the likes of Dre Murray, KB, Xist and Lecrae. And on each feature they maintained the high quality we have now become accustomed too. Collision has consistently released excellent music. You can’t ask for anymore from a label than to consistently give you incredible music, can you?


Overall Collision is a great record label. They strive for excellence in every area. They are under great leadership, that is sure to lead them in the right direction. They are a family that moves in one accord toward their goal. And they have excellent musicians. So if you didn’t know Collision very well up to this point. Get to know them, because Christian Hip-Hop’s royal family doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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