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3 “Must Have” Free Albums

Alex Faith Honest to God; Derek Minor - PSA Vol 3; MC Jin - Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

There is one word that always gets people’s attention…FREE. Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially music? Music fans will give almost anything a try if it’s free. Artists know that and have turned free music into a huge marketing tool. Free music seems to come out almost daily now. This is part of the reason CHH is now more popular than ever.

With free music flooding the streets, let me help you narrow down your choices. Here are 3 free albums that you have to have in your music library.

Derek Minor – PSA Vol. 3

Download Link: Click here

Derek Minor PSA Vol. 3 Album Cover

This is the artist formerly known as PRo’s first mixtape under his new moniker, Derek Minor.

The artist formerly known as PRo is back with his third installment of the PSA mixtape series. Trilogies are always tricky and interesting. The third release in a trilogy is always popular, but it rarely lives up to the hype. Usually the third release has more bells and whistles but less substance. On “PSA Vol. 3” Derek Minor proved that he was the exception to that rule.

Like in most trilogies, volume 3 had more flare in terms of guest spots, than the prior installments of the series. Huge names like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, R-Swift and Json lent verses to the project. Label mates Chad Jones, Tony Tillman and Canon were also present. That’s just some of the names on the mixtape. The tracklist for “PSA Vol. 3” is like a who’s who in CHH. Derek Minor definitely succeeded in bringing flare to the finale of the mixtape series.

One thing that could happen when you bring some of the biggest names in the genre is that the tracklist can set the bar too high and never live up to the hype. Derek Minor did a masterful job of creating memorable moments throughout the record to ensure that didn’t happen. The playback value on songs like “Sad Condishun”, “Say Something” and “Real Recognize Real” is ridiculous. Whatever expectations you may have had after seeing the tracklist, toss them out. “PSA Vol. 3” will continually surpass every expectation.

The reason this mixtape is a must have goes beyond a great supporting cast and memorable songs. Derek Minor is reaching a new level as an artist. He flexed a conscious muscle on this record. Now, I’m far from labeling him as a “conscious” rapper, but it seems as if he has added another tool in his ever-growing toolbox. Derek Minor is becoming a complete MC and “PSA Vol. 3” is prime evidence of that.

MC Jin – Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith

Download Link: Click here

MC Jin Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith Album Cover

Jin recorded, mixed and mastered this project at the same place, we record Wade-O Radio every week: Jah’Rockn Studios

I’ve been listening to hip-hop music since I was nine years old and I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. When I became a Christian, I gave up secular hip-hop completely. So it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from some of my favorite rappers.

I have followed Jin pretty much his whole career. I had his first record with Ruff Ryder’s and kept up with him all the way up to the present. I’ve long been a fan of his, and this record is special for me because now I’m his fan again.

Personal stuff aside, MC Jin did work on this record. This was the best I’ve heard him lyrically. He still came with the witty rhymes that he’s known for, but he added a new level of wordplay and rhyme schemes. Jin masterfully maneuvered through this album. Any hip-hop fan would appreciate what he did as a lyricist on this record.

I expected the record to be strong lyrically and to sound good. What I didn’t expect was how I felt listening to it. Jin had a joy beaming from each song that was undeniable. If you say one thing about Jin after listening to “Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith,” it’s that he really loves the Lord. This record makes me feel good. It’s that energy, love for God and pure joy that makes this record a must have.

Alex Faith – Honest 2 God

Download Link: Click here

Alex Faith Honest To God Album Cover

This is Alex’s first project in 2 years

Alex Faith may not be very well known by the casual CHH fan. He hasn’t flooded the streets with music over years. He seemingly came out of nowhere over the past year. He did a guest spot on Sho Baraka’s “Barakology”, but it had been awhile since we heard from him. After a few features and plenty of singles over the past year, Alex Faith put his stamp on CHH with his new record “Honest 2 God.”

I always respect honesty from rappers, and Alex set the honesty bar for artists. The song “Dreams” featuring Social Club is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Alex painted a picture of life in such a gut-wrenching way that it catches you off guard. By the end of his verse, he has you thinking about life in a way that you may not have before. That transparency continued throughout the whole record. Alex was very true to the title of this record and I greatly appreciated it.

The reason this record is a must have is because of Alex Faith’s talent. He’s a true MC. He has a captivating flow, smooth style and out of this world lyrical ability. He lyrically assaulted each beat and made every song memorable. His talent blew me away and I was left wanting more.

“Honest 2 God” is a great record. It has everything you would want in a record. The production is crazy and it’s lyrically on point. It will feed your spirit. And it provides plenty of playback value. If you haven’t heard of Alex Faith yet, then you need to get “Honest 2 God”. It will be on repeat in your iPod long into the future.

Tre9 and Reconcile U
What if The Apostle

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