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2012 Best of Our Blogs: Ministry


In part 5 of our Best of 2012 series, we highlight the 5 Most Read Ministry Blogs on Wadeoradio.com:

5. What If The Apostle Paul was a Christian Hip Hop Artist

Apostle Paul Christian Hip Hop Artistby Bishop Anthony Wright

Guest Blogger Bishop Anthony Wright explains the Biblical model for Urban Christian Hip-Hop Outreach through the life of the Apostle Paul.

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4. 10 More Things I Wish I Could Tell Every Christian Rapper

10 More Things Christian Rapperby DJ Wade-O

Part 1 was one of the most popular article since our site re-launched. Given that there are more than 10 things I’d like to share, I thought I’d do a follow up.

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3. 10 Things I Wish I Could Tell Every Christian Rapper

10 Things Christian Rapperby DJ Wade-O

Sound advice for Christian artists and rappers looking to perfect their craft.

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2. Chris Broussard Launches Christian Men’s Movement: K.I.N.G.

Chris Broussard Launches KINGby DJ Wade-O

Chris Broussard from ESPN has launched a Christian Men’s Fellowship called K.I.N.G. Movement.  Find out all the details, including how you can be involved.

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1. Why Christian Hip Hop Isn’t Successful in New York City

New York Christian Hip Hop

by DJ Wade-O

Ever wondered why we don’t see more prominent Christian Rappers from NYC?  I have a strong theory why and it has nothing to do with music.

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