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20 Projects you should be Anticipating

2015 has already provided memorable moments and music within the CHH genre. Several artists within our scene have announced projects, and the anticipation has been building for them. This year has given us good… no, great music. And with more music on the horizon, the Wade-O Radio Team complied a list of artists we are anticipating, and think you should be anticipating too.

List is in Alphabetical Order.

Andy Mineo


There is a lot of anticipation for Andy Mineo’s sophomore album Uncomfortable, and there should be. The Reach Records artist has been making a mark not only on the CHH genre but on mainstream hip hop as well. Making several appearances on mainstream media, Mineo is gearing up to make a point with his next release. The anticipation is so high, that he recently released the first episode of his popular ‘Saturday Morning Car-Tunez’ to discuss the creation and thought process behind the project.


Angie Rose

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Ever since Angie came to JahRock’n and did this, there has been a healthy desire to hear more music from her. She’s been an opening act at many major events in New York City, and gave a much talked about one-legged performance at one of the lunch time concerts at Legacy Conference this year. We’re not sure if her debut project will be a mixtape, EP or an album. Regardless, we’re waiting. She has the opportunity to help fill the lack of female voices in our scene.




The God Over Money frontman doesn’t shy away from addressing difficult topics in his music. From talking about the Sandy Hook tragedy to responding to Macklemore’s “Same Love,” Bizzle has never held his tongue when it comes to exalting God above sin. He’s been steadily doing concerts with his label-mates, doing features, and is probably looking to release his next album in January of next year. We’re sure, whatever it is, Bizzle will be spitting that hard truth.




Canon is back and we’re thankful that he has been recovering well since his near fatal 40-feet fall from last December. Canon shattered his ankle, had his mouth wired shut, and had to undergo physical therapy. With months of privacy and time to recover, Canon made positive strides when a few months ago, he performed on stage in Trinidad for the first time since the incident. RMG recently released the Grateful documentary covering the fall and his progress. Canon also posted to his Instagram account that he was working on a new music video, which means new music is on the way.


Christon Gray


Similar to when Derek Minor left Reach Records, there is a similar curiosity to what Christon Gray’s new project will sound like. Seeing the new W.L.A.K. line up without him also adds to the intrigue. Gray has suggested on IG that he’s aiming to create a new genre of music with it. With his new boss Kirk Franklin in the process of dropping his first album in five years, look for Christion to drop his shortly thereafter.


Da’ T.R.U.T.H.


Last year Da’ T.R.U.T.H. released a project with Promise, TJ Pompeo and Prayz-1, and he performed his ‘Unplugged: A Break From The 808’ Mix, accompanied by a live band, the concert gave listeners a new experience to his music. T.R.U.T.H. has steadily been making moves. You can look at his website to see just how much he has been touring across the country over the past 5 months. We know that in the past, his travel experience has awaken his creativity, so we can only hope that this year of traveling will inspire more great music from Da T.R.U.T.H. moving forward.



fern social club

We haven’t heard any news about Fern’s upcoming solo project, but he did confirm that he would be dropping one after Marty in his latest interview with DJ Wade-O. Fern to me has always been the traditional storytelling rapper of the duo. His effortless flow and exceptional lyricism is what draws a lot of people back to Social Club records, and it’s exactly what gets me excited for his album. I’m expecting to hear some hard-hitting production, coupled with a few laid back tracks to highlight Fern’s gift for painting stories with words.



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Straight off a great year of producing, Gawvi has set himself up to finish 2015 strong with a handful of placements set to drop. He’s had a hand in Tony Tillman’s Camden, and who knows what other tracks he may have touched on Andy Mineo’s upcoming project. Gawvi never stays quiet for too long, so I’m personally on alert, checking album credits left and right for the heat he has produced. He has also been busy providing production kits for other producers to glean from. It’s going to be interesting to see how many projects that are coming out at the end of the year, that will feature this sought after producer.


HeeSun Lee


HeeSun spent much of the last two years breaking stereotypes, and now she has broken away from a record label. Last month, HeeSun Lee announced that she was going independent with her musical endeavors. Since then, she’s posted a few pictures and videos on her social media accounts showing her in the studio working on new music. We’re keeping a close eye out to see what comes from this no doubt strategic move from Heesun Lee.




It’s hard to imagine a better combination than JGivens and Humble Beast. My introduction to his work was the #keepPraying4 @KanyeWest Mixtape and I loved El V. Envy, but I think most people will agree that everything he has touched since signing with the label has been gold. Through “Jackpot,” guest verses on “Wanna” and “#SameTeam,” and “Ignorantro” JGivens has proven that he will deliver the flame emojis with every release, inevitably placing his upcoming project as one of the most highly anticipated albums in recent memory.


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