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2 Things that made Propaganda’s “Excellent” just that…Excellent


Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

Have you ever looked up the definition of a word so you can truly understand it’s impact? Or maybe just so you can use the word properly? Maybe I’m the only one that does that. It’s because I love words. I love finding the true meaning of a word and applying it in just the right context to get the full impact out of the word.

I believe words are horribly misused today. People just take and use them without worrying about proper application or context. If used properly, words can be very powerful. They can bring to life a sentence or story. Take you to a place or make you feel an emotion. You can say a lot with a little bit of words, or say little with a lot of words. With that being said, there is a lot that you can take away from the title of Propaganda’s most recent release “Excellent”.

According to the word “excellent” means: “possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good; extraordinary; superior”. Propaganda taking a word like this and using it as the title of his album tells me a lot. It tells me that he understands the effectiveness of words. That he understands God and man in relation to God. It also tells me he understands his purpose as an artist; to do everything in excellence unto the Excellent One.

Prop made an excellent choice in the title for his album but it was 2 small things that he did that made his album “Excellent”.

Excellence in Poetry:

Most of Propaganda’s modern fans know him as a poet and not a rapper. It’s hard to blame them. When we see him, he’s usually doing spoken word; “Boys” on Sho Baraka’s “Lions and Liars”, “I Need You More Than Ever” on Theory Hazit’s “Thr3e”, “Wonderful” on Beautiful Eulogy’s “Satellite Kite” and most notably his “G.O.S.P.E.L.” piece. There is nothing wrong with that because he is an amazing poet. “Excellent” was just another platform for Prop to show us that.

Propaganda took a holistic approach in marrying hip-hop and poetry. This was a complete album that gave you a little poetry, a little hip-hop and a little of both. This was a breathe of fresh air for me because poetry has been somewhat of a lost art, especially in hip-hop. The song “I Ain’t Got An Answer” featuring Sho Baraka had Prop directly marry the two beautifully. The song opens with a straight forward piece that sets the stage for equally as straight forward rhymes from Sho and himself.

There were plenty of times throughout the record when poetry took center stage. “Forgive Me For Asking” had Prop humbly pouring his heart out. It was a type of honesty that captivates the listener and brings on a time of reflection. “Be Present” is a masterful piece that touches the listener down to their core. It educates, motivates and inspires the listener to be exactly what the title of the track suggests, and thats present.

Propaganda is truly a captivating poet. He is able to draw the listener in and connect with them in a very real way. He can bring you to a place, an emotion or a feeling with words, transparency and passion. He did that all over his record. It’s hard to put just one word to Propaganda’s poetry, but if I had too it would be…”Excellent”.

Excellence in Rapping:

I have a hard time calling Propaganda a “rapper”, because he is so much more than just a rapper. He is an MC in the truest form. Anyone that rhymes some words over a beat can be a rapper, but it takes a true artist to use multiple work schemes and rhyme patterns. To address heavy topics that will push the listener to think and entertain them, not just entertain them. “Excellent” is the work of a true MC.

Prop started his rap showcase with the title track “Excellent”. This a bar after bar lyrical assault, that promises to keep you nodding your head with the mean face for the entire 2 minutes and 8 seconds. “Redefine Cutter” featuring Lee Green has Prop already hitting his stride displaying mind numbing wordplay. He keeps this pace all the way through the record. By the end you will be begging him for more raps.

As gifted of a poet as Propaganda is, he’s just as gifted of a rapper (if not better). He consistently shows why he is considered one of CHH’s best lyricists. He’s polished, intellectual and immensely talented. After each track he’ll have you reaching for your Dictionary, Bible and a Thesaurus. The simple way to sum up Propaganda’s MC skills is with one word…”Excellent.”

Complete Excellence:

Propaganda offered up a complete album. “Excellent” had everything to ask for in an album. There was great production and great lyricism. Most importantly Prop kept a level of excellence all the way throughout the record.

Propaganda isn’t known as a “christo-centric” rapper, but the theological value on “Excellent” is very high. This album will help you grow spiritually and it will push you to think about some things. Prop challenges some church practices (or “in house issues”) and he challenges some philosophical ideas. “Excellent” will definitely challenge you but it will also encourage and inspire you.

No matter what thoughts you may have coming into this album about Propaganda or the title of this record, you will leave with a respect because he did this album in complete excellence. Not to exalt his name but to exalt the “Excellent One” who called him. And we can all agree, that is “Excellent.”

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