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15 Great Christian Hip Hop Hook Writers and Singers


Music, more than almost anything in the world, has the ability to stick with you for years! You can hear a song from when you were 5 years-old and just like that, the melody, the memories, the words all come flooding back to you. One of the most contagious parts of the song is the chorus. In hip hop we call it the hook. That’s the part everyone loves because even if you can’t rap the verses, you can kill it when the chorus comes on.

In the Christian hip hop scene, it seems there are waves of hook specialists. We are using the term hook specialist because these hook specialists were able to do something that stood out.  Each artist on this list does more than just write or sing hooks.  Some are producers and artists in their own right.  Each artist has a slew of songs in which they have taken a good song and made it great. They did so well that the listener could not imagine anyone else being a better fit for the song.

We have compiled a list of artists that have a track record for smashing hooks on some of your favorite Christian hip hop songs. The list is not in any specific order.

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