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14 Christian Hip Hop Songs with Basketball References


The NBA Finals have been set, and the Eastern Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers will face off against the Western Champions, the Golden State Warriors. The series is set to begin June 4th.

To celebrate the NBA playoffs and finals, the Wade-O Radio Team have put together a list of some basketball references within the Christian Hip Hop genre. Some may even say it took off with K-Drama’s “Air Jordan.”

Here is our list of Christian Hip Hop Songs with Basketball References.

1. Andy Mineo – “You Can’t Stop Me”

What I’mma turn down for, I feel like Shaq in nine four / Breaking glass in that backboard, or like Kobe in Toronto, huh? / Dropping 81, Yo I drop the 88, Ricky Bobby, shake and bake.

2. Derek Minor – “Lost in Minorville”

Got mistaken for a doctor / Instead of a ball player / And the Pistons drafted Carmelo… /We winnin’ it all playa!

3. Trip Lee – “You Don’t Know”

Got me feeling like Cleveland when they said that Lebron back / I wanna throw parades with streamers and all that, I’m feeling good.”

4. Sho Baraka – “TGC 2”

5. Swoope – “TGC 2”

I’m the dealer of the dealers / Killing off this choke art these cough men they see the killer of the dullards / Similar to Lillard, shooting just for practice / Trailblazer ya’ll just follow behind and jack it.”

6. Swoope – “Same Team”

It don’t matter who get the W / cause even players on the bench get rings too.”

7. Dre Murray – LOL Nevermind

Last I checked we were making baskets in the same rim / Supporting the same team, loving the same King / Killing the radio, man this must be a dream.”

8. Dre Murray – “Passenger of the Knight”

And they were KD when the shots off. Next to green like AC when it popped off. Cold.”

9. Heath McNease – “Rick Warren Money”

“Noah plus Ray Allen from-the-arc Shuttlesworth / Jesus coming back soon, for what it’s worth / Like Gandalf the White between Lower and Upper Earth.”

10. Believin’ Stephen – “Warm Up”

At the proper time Christ died for the ungodly / My God is diesel He’s way bigger than Amare…/ Stoudamire, perfection is what God requires / All of us deserve to burn in hell’s hottest fire.” 


“Through good deeds you tryna get to heaven? You can’t! / Only through Christ who controls Thunder..Kevin Durant!”


“I’m saved and analyze the game like Chris Broussard / I stay talkin bout the cross, it is our bridge to God.”


“In the garden Adam ate the fruit and it was wrong / Now man’s hearts are Harden (ed) like LeBron James Harden is who I am speaking of  / We couldn’t pay for our own sins that’s why we need His blood.”

11. Believin’ Stephen – “Bang Dis in Ya Speakers” feat. Tragic Hero

You tired of fake Christians? Is your faith slipping? / I suggest you Air Jordan on em….Blake Griffin / You can play Jordan, I’ma play Pippen / Cause I’m me J. Williams.”

12. Phanatik – “Shot Clock”

“I wake up at half court / The day is half gone and time left on the board is mad short / Rushing my shot, hurry out the door / I don’t pray I don’t take my worries to the Lord / How much time does it take to run the floor / Get the stop watch or maybe I should stop and watch the Lord / Everyday is a new 24, on the shot clock / Either get your shot blocked or score.”

13. Sho Baraka – “Kobe Bryant on ‘Em”

Opposition in my face / Tryin’ to play the fence / I’m bigger than this dude / That don’t make no sense / I Kobe Bryant on ’em / I Kobe Bryant on ’em / I Kobe Bryant on ’em / I Kobe Bryant on ’em / I’m unashamed of the Gospel / 116 on ’em / Chosen to be in His presence / VIP list on ’em / My God’s something like Kobe / Crazy and amazin’ on ’em / Yours is always hurt / Yeah, Tracy McGrady on ’em.

14. K-Drama – “Air Jordan”

Opposition in my face, trying to play defense / I’m bigger than this dude, this don’t make no sense
I Air Jordan on ’em / I Air Jordan on ’em / I Air Jordan on ’em / I Air Jordan on ’em / I don’t Superman, I Air Jordan foes / I never back down, I jump over those / Always tryna block ya boy / I don’t roll with Magic, I roll with Rockets boy / Cause when I take off, they can’t bring me down / I’m so high up that they can’t see me now.


Rap pioneer-turned-pastor Kurtis Blow’s big 1984 hit song “Basketball” was written by CHH pioneer and veteran Stephen Wiley.

What are your favorite CHH songs with Basketball references? And who do you think will win the NBA Finals?

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