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13 Albums we are Anticipating for 2013

13 Albums We are Anticipating for 2013

This year, we are sure to get a slew of projects coming out. From collaborations to continuation projects, to debut albums to artists that have been on hiatus, that are coming out of hiding. There is much anticipation in 2013 concerning our genre.

We are anticipating several albums for this year. Here are our Top 13 Albums we are Anticipating for 2013. They are placed in no particular order.

Love Hope & War – Da’ T.R.U.T.H. (1.29.13)

Da' T.R.U.T.H Love Hope & War albumLast year Da’ T.R.U.T.H. came back strong, showcasing transparency and honesty all throughout “The Whole Truth.” Love Hope & War is different because it is going to give listeners a look at the new version of him and his perspective on Christianity. “The Whole Truth” was a redemptive album full of repentance and grace. Now, we get to hear from the man that has been refined through the fire. If “J.I.F.E” and the verses from “Love” are indicators of how this album will sound, I am more than excited for it to drop!


W.L.A.K. – Collision Records (3.5.13)

Collision Records LogoIf there is a fan of CHH that is not looking forward to this record, I would really like to hear why. Collision burst onto the scene last year and completely stole the year. Each member of the label released fantastic projects and they quickly became one of the best labels in CHH. They made a huge splash by adding CHH vet Dre Murray to the roster towards the end of the year. Oh and did I forget to mention that Wit is the producer? I’m excited to see how all of this talent can come together on one project. If the self-titled single is any indication of the album, then “We Live As Kings” is poised to be a classic.


Heroes for Sale- Andy Mineo (4.16.13)

andy mineo heroes for sale albumWho’s NOT excited for this album? Seriously. From the Sin is Wack mixtape, to singing many hooks, to Formerly Known, to Saturday Morning Car Tunez, Andy has showcased some of the best creative talent CHH has seen. He produces, sings, and shreds mics; one can only guess what he’s going to do on Heroes For Sale. I expect great production, bold lyrics, and catchy hooks. I was a little sad hearing we have to wait until April for it, but I’m hoping it will be worth the wait.


 Carry On – Ruslan (1.26.13)

ruslan carry on album

Ruslan is one of the best musicians in all of CHH. He just has a mind for great music. He puts time and care into each and every second of every record, and it shows in the quality of projects that he has put out over his career. I am looking forward to getting that quality of music from him again. I am also very intrigued in the direction and sound Ruslan will take on a solo project. I anticipate that I will be blown away by his lyricism and incredible song making. That’s what drives the anticipation, everyone is excited to see a great artist come out with a new record.


Hypocrite – MC Jin (Summer 2013)

MC-JinJin has become one of my personal favorite artists to hear from. Not because of style, flash, beats and lyricism, but because of his growth. He has gone from eating people alive on 106 & Park to having Crazy Love and Ridiculous Faith. He also interacts with “fans” unlike any other artist I’ve seen and he does it all in humility. I’m excited about this album because when he raps, you hear a heart full of passion and honesty. With a title like “Hypocrite” I’m sure this project is bound to be both edifying and convicting. Tweets like this have me excited for what’s to come: “Don’t be fooled before you start to follow suit, I mean really take a look and recognize them by their fruit. #Hypocrite” @IamMCJin


 Talented Xth- Sho Baraka (1.15.13)

Sho Baraka Talented XthI’m looking forward to Sho’s record for different reasons than any other record that is coming out this year. It’s pretty simple. I’m looking forward to hear what a whole record will sound like from Sho without Reach, what he will say, and Sho himself. CHH hasn’t heard a solo project from Sho since he left Reach, and it will be very interesting the route Sho will take musically. Sho has never been one to keep his opinions to himself on a record, so there is no telling what he will say on this record; that is very intriguing. There is no doubt that Sho is going to challenge his listeners. I’m just curious in how he is going to do that. Finally, I’m just excited to hear Sho. He is a fantastic artist that is capable of making timeless records. Let’s hope “Talented X” is one of those records.


Dope Beats Good News Vol. 2 – Rhema Soul

rhema soulI am super excited about this album. Rhema Soul’s latest album, RED, definitely had a different feel. Some liked it, some didn’t. However, there’s a piece of me that believes Dope Beats Good News Vol. 2 is going have that classic Rhema Soul Steez. I’ve heard they got back with Gawvi aka G-styles for some of the production and I felt like he murdered tracks on Dope Beats Good News Vol.1. Rhema soul consists of one of the illest female MCs and two underrated lyricists that do not get enough credit (in my opinion). Despite their last album, that had more singing and a pop-ish feel, I’m really excited to hear them melt the mic with lyrics like they did on Volume 1.


Picture Perfect- Heesun Lee

Heesun LeeThis is something that I have personally been waiting for a long time. I first heard Heesun on the original “I’m a Christian” track and I was very impressed. It wasn’t until I saw her perform at Flavor Fest in 2010 when I became a true fan. She commanded the stage, the crowds attention and put on a real good show. She has great presence on the mic and makes incredible music. I am curious to see if she can put it all together for an entire album and what direction she’ll take with her sound. In a game that is lacking a large abundance of strong female MC’s, Heesun has an opportunity to take charge as the leading female in our genre.


Church Clothes Vol.2- Lecrae

lecraeLecrae did so much in 2012 that I’m on the edge of my seat just wondering what can he do that he hasn’t? Who will be featured? How far will he push the envelope? Who will host it? Church Clothes was a game changer in all those areas. Church Clothes may have been one of the most anticipated mixtapes CHH has ever dropped. Along with Church Clothes, he dropped the “Christian rapper” label to broaden his audience. Some may agree or disagree with that decision but one thing is clear, a lot of people (saved and not saved) are wanting to see if he can follow up with another great project.


Apply Pressure- R-Swift (4.16.13)rswift rcmg

I am so excited for this record for the sole reason that I’ve missed Swift. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a full-length project from him, and I’m eager to hear a new one. Swift is easily one of the best MC’s in all of CHH. He consistently puts out great music. He’s solid, consistent and a great lyricist. The climate of CHH has changed. There has been a growing premium on lyricism. This is the perfect time for Swift to return to CHH, and I think it will be a triumphant return.


Beautiful Eulogy

beautiful eulogyAfter captivating the CHH world with their debut album Satellite Kite, the anticipation behind Beautiful Eulogy’s new album lies in the question…can they do it again? I think they can and that they will. This group is a hip-hop heads dream. They are insanely talented, creative, intelligent, and they make beautiful music. They are conceptually gifted and lyrical assassins. When all of that comes together it is true art. That is what I expect to get. Art. And I know Beautiful Eulogy won’t let me down.


The Resistance- Wes Pendleton & Tragic Hero (2.12.13)

wes p and tragic hero

I like to think that because of how much music I listen to, it’s hard for an artist to surprise me. Well, last year Tragic Hero humbled me. He completely surprised me. From the first time I heard him featured on label-mate Big Fil’s record, I was captivated by his flow and lyricism. Then when I heard his debut record Going Home, I became a fan. Tragic Hero is a great lyricist with a one-of-a-kind flow, and his debut was great. I’m excited to see if he can do it again on this record. Then when you throw Wes Pendelton into the mix, the anticipation just continues to rise. It will be interesting to see how the two sound together on an entire record. But talent doesn’t lie, this will be a can’t miss record in 2013.


Lyrical Theology: Pt.1- shai linne

shai linneShai is one of my favorite MC’s, so I am obviously very excited for this album. There is a lot more to my excitement then just one of my favorite artists coming out with a record. Shai has a great resume full of fantastic records, but it seems like his last couple of records have been his best.  He has always been a phenomenal lyricist, but on Attributes of God he became a better song maker. His creativity and production has definitely gotten better. He’s become a better artist. So I’m excited to see if Shai can keep that pace going. With CHH going through it’s changes, it will be interesting to see if the lower case MC can change with it.



What album(s) are you anticipating for this year?

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