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12 Women Christian Hip-Hop Cannot Live Without – Part 4



Rapper | Singer | Songwriter | @L3XDIVINE

L3xdivine is somewhat of a do everything in CHH. She is a singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, producer and video editor. She is a huge advocates for women in CHH, and was at one point managing the social media account for Young Lady – a creative brand that offers grants to female Christian artists. Her creativity and passion seem to lead her to all of these different things, and her talent allows her to excel at all of them.

An example of this is her #EmceeMonday. This is a YouTube video series in which she spits a “Hot 16” every week. This is a dope creative concept, and it’s also incredible because of her talent. She shoots and edits a lot of the videos herself – sometimes on an iPhone – and legitimately spits a Hot 16. L3x can rap and #emceemonday is proof of that. Another example of her ability behind the mic is the fact that she was invited to the Rap Showcase at Legacy in 2015. The subsequent video, entitled “Lies”, is incredibly dope. In 2016, L3x released Double Up, and in 2017 she released High Infrastructure.

L3xdivine is much more than a rapper. She has done work behind the scenes at ArtSoul Radio, and in 2017, she created an all-female event platform called “She’s Next” at Legacy to highlight and encourage more women in CHH. Another incident of L3x encouraging others came on Twitter during the #CHHSexism debate in which she aimed to push for the support of female emcees within the CHH community. L3xc is proven to be a strong voice for women in CHH, and she is following that up with even stronger actions. She has become one of the young voices in the genre and is doing incredible things in every facet of CHH.


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