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12 Women Christian Hip-Hop Cannot Live Without – Part 4



Artist | @Cataphant

San-Diego-based multi-disciplinary artist Cataphant is a name some may be more recently familiar with since the #CHHSexism debate on Twitter in November of last year. The revealing hashtag was created by her. She helped shed light on her own experiences as a woman in CHH and a issue other women in the same space have experienced. The hashtag became a trending topic within our community, and it also sparked an important and much need conversation about sexism. Though Cataphant helped challenge the thought process for many within CHH via the hashtag, she is more than a trending topic starter.

Cataphant is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and spent six years as a public school art teacher before becoming a full-time visual artist. Along with being a visual artist, she has contributed to CHH in different facets – having released two EPs and collaborating with Humble Beast, Illect Recordings, and Mellow Orange Records.

During her time actively making music she wrote and recorded hooks for a few artists associated with the aforementioned labels.

Over the years Cataphant has been outspoken about women working with male CHH artists, as her goal has always been to get the men in the industry thinking about the why behind the lack of females.

Another important role she has played within CHH, has been to promote women. Cataphant is the founder of Young Lady (YXL), an organization that has mentored and supported Christian women in hip-hop. YXL has also given out grants to female artists, help create a network for other female artists, and created a YXL concert a few years ago in Chicago featuring L3xdivine, Angie Rose, Liv Roskos and others. In addition to YXL, Cataphant, for a brief time, had a column where she gave advice for being a women in the arts for Forth District called Art Like a Lady.

Nowadays Cataphant is focused on visual art with all of her paintings exploring the complicated experiences of women, specifically women of color, in the church. Along with designing album covers, running her small business making and selling jewelry, and cultivating relations with younger and older female artists by “leveraging her own talents” to get her female friends production, features, album artwork and passing along demos.

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