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12 Women Christian Hip-Hop Cannot Live Without – Part 4



Hip-Hop Artist | 1/2 of TheKnuBlack | Songwriter | Producer | @KSnotw

Hip-hop artist Kay Sade is one half to the creative duo TheKnuBlack, formerly Out of the Blue. Sade has always had a musical ear, as she grew up performing in choirs and instrumental ensembles.

When Sade was 17 years-old she dedicated her live to Christ and two years later began to fuse her dedication to Christ and her musical passion by creating Christian remixes to mainstream songs. Prior to teaming up with KnuOrigen, Sade collaborated with Flint, Michigan CHH artist Heavvy Faith to create original material. Sade has been associated with the CHH community since 2011.

As she was creating original material, she posted her first song, “Whatever,” to and it caught the attention of her childhood friend, who happened to be Ki’Shon Furlow’s wife. Having been able to get connected to Furlow, she was introduced to his brother-in-law, KnuOrigen. The duo decided to join together to form TheKnuBlack. The duo have put together some lyrical and creative projects (Blue Gene Origins, Van Goh, and Ohana) over the years, along with their animated and live-action music videos.

Earlier in the year Rapzilla named the duo as one of their 2017 Freshman and both Sade and KnuOrigen were separate finalists for the Legacy Conference’s Rap Showcase in 2016.

Along with being an artist, songwriter and producer, Sade is a production assistant and professional audio engineer. Though she is not in the Marines, she was awarded the “Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence.”

Sade has been featured on projects with Dru Bex and Street Hymns, and most recently she collaborated with Bex for the “Good Cypher Shemix” featuring a.i., LaToria, and Kai.

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