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12 Women Christian Hip-Hop Cannot Live Without – Part 4



The month of March is Women’s History Month, and to commemorate the occasion, we at are continuing to pay tribute to women in Christian Hip-Hop. In recent years, we have dedicated three list posts to women who have contributed to, impacted, encouraged and influenced the Christian Hip-Hop genre and community.

We first did this venture in 2013 with ‘15 Women Christian Hip Hop Can’t Live Without.’ We then followed up that post months later with ‘17 More Women‘, and then in 2015 we continued with ‘10 Additional Women Christian Hip Hop Cannot Live Without.’

Though the industry is a male-dominated one, there are women behind the scenes and in front of the mic who are making waves and helping push CHH forward. Many of these women have contributed through various platforms like music, songwriting, public relations, management, art, content creation, radio, journalism, photography, marketing, branding, and more.

We pay homage to the women within our community who are standing up to support other women in the same space and helping push the message of Jesus Christ to the masses. These women are both gifted and talented, and should not go unnoticed for their contributions.

We salute you. We thank you. We honor you and the many other women who have not been highlighted for their work and content.

Editor’s Note: The list is in Alphabetical Order. Please click on page numbers below.

Contributing writers: Aubrey McKay, Terrance Moore, Robert Moreno, Mikaela Mak
Feature image and graphics by: Jbtzxclsv of T38Creations

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