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10 Up and Coming Artists to Check For


One of the great things about hip-hop is the constant influx of talent. It’s truly similar to a sport in that sense. With talent constantly stepping to the forefront, the genre never grows stale. It also continually brings in new and different types of fans. For those fans this is great too, because it expands their music library and tastes. New talent in hip-hop is a great benefit to everyone involved and in love with the genre.

Over the past few years CHH has grown exceptionally. We’ve seen some of the most talented members of the genre just join (or be recognized in) the genre. Guys like Swoope, Alex Faith, Christon Gray and Social Club have really stretched CHH. This past year has been no different. Some hyper talented artists have made a name for themselves on a grand scale. Not only have they made a name for themselves but they also show the potential to shoot straight to the top of CHH.

New talent is something that should be celebrated. So we have compiled a list of 10 artists that we feel are “up and coming” in the genre. They had to have had only one major release or less (that does not include mixtapes, free projects or EP’s). This list includes up and coming rappers, singers and spoken word artist(s).

This list is in alphabetical order.

1. Auditory Fabric

“A lot of people sleeping on us, they in different time zones but I’m about to give you every bar in this iPhone.” These are just some of the bars that Auditory Fabric has become known for. This is exactly what the duo offers up every time, bars. Their lyricism and creativity is top notch and will have you going back to their music time and time again. Over the past several months they have released a project Heir Craft and an EP Thus Far. Both records are great and offer listeners some innovative lyricism. Auditory Fabric shows that CHH is in good hands lyrically.

2. Corey Paul

For lovers of southern music, Corey Paul is your guy. Everything Corey touches has a deep southern feel, from the beat all the way down to his southern twang. Corey also brings a strong lyrical ability and a clever way of using his flow. All of this was put on the forefront with his debut record Grace Love Mercy. He has a hood feel to his records, similar to Thi’sl, Dre Murray and Reconcile. That just adds another dimension to what he does because his message is delivered with the passion that is needed to reach those who struggle with what he raps about. Corey Paul has a bright future in this genre and we’ll all be waiting to see what he has in store next.

3. JGivens

JGivens is a throwback to what made hip-hop great. He is an emcee in its purest form. He is a phenomenal lyricist, he uses his flow beautifully and he can just deliver bars. He can communicate tough themes and ideas clearly but his material is still so deep that you can gain new insight with each listen. This was clearly seen on his record El V Envy. He just brought bar after bar throughout the whole record and put together a real strong project.

2014 has already proven to be a good year for him because he recently became the newest member of the super talented label Humble Beast. If you want to hear just what JGivens is about, watch the freestyle video he did after signing. It will drop your jaw, which is just what J does to listeners when he gets behind the mic.

4. John Givez

The smooth delivery and intelligent flow that has been synonymous with theBREAX for years has transferred over to their label’s newest signee John Givez. Though he is new to the genre he rhymes with the calmness and subtle confidence of a seasoned vet. All of his talents were showcased on his debut album IV Seasons. He effortlessly weaved in and out of different sounds and concepts and created a true musical experience. That is the type of artist John Givez is, he offers up musical experiences. If he continues on this path he will have huge success in a genre that appreciates the skills that he has mastered.

5. Joe Solomon

CHH is so much more than just rapping. Joe Solomon is a beautiful example of that. Going to his YouTube page (chaseGodtv) is like an explosion of content. You can hear beautifully sung covers to some of your favorite songs. There are also incredibly insightful and entertaining webisodes, plus beautiful spoken word pieces.  Joe is a multi-talented person (sings, poetry, Youtube personality, plays guitar, host) with fantastic abilities and a heart to share the Gospel clearly and accurately.

Along with operating his ChaseGod webisodes, Solomon also hosts an event in Houston entitled ‘The Canvas’, where CHH artists and spoken word artists have performed. Visiting his page will be a blessing to your ears and your spirit. Joe Solomon is a name that CHH fans need to know.

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