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10 Things we learned from Wade-O’s Andy Mineo Interview


DJ Wade-O sat down with Andy Mineo recently to talk Never Land, controversy about his interview on MTV’S RapFix, and plans for a sophomore album. In case you didn’t catch the interview here are 10 things I learned:

1. Andy loves adding a video element to everything he creates. He is beginning to incorporate video backdrops in his live shows.

2. The symbols on the Never Land cover come from Andy’s life (broken skateboard) and the movie Peter Pan; don’t read too much into specific pieces.

3. Andy wants you and I to read a book by Francis Schaeffer.

4. We hear Andy’s RapFix comments differently than the MTV audience because we are familiar with quality Christian Hip Hop artists. He made the comments to sympathize with people’s perception of CHH being corny.

5. Andy wishes he had said his comments in a way that doesn’t sound dismissive of many of the artists he looks up to.

6. Andy says “Amen!” to people who want to make songs filled with theology and that, “we all need to believe that there’s space for all of us to exist and do exactly what we think God has called us to do.”

7. “Paisano’s Wylin” is not a sermon.

8. Andy “may not have all of his theological ducks in a row right now,” and wants people to allow him room to grow and change as a person.

9. 21 songs were created for a 7-song EP. New music will be coming in the future, along with a possible Andy Mineo-headlined tour.

10. Even in times of disagreement Wade and Andy love each other, are cheering for each others success, and ultimately want to see people reached with the Gospel.

Check out the full interview:

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