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10 Things I Learned from Social Club’s Interview w/ DJ Wade-O

“It’s not about the music or money, it’s about the people…”

DJ Wade-O recently sat down with South Florida duo Social Club to talk about their latest album US, who the pineapples are, and future plans for solo albums. In case you didn’t catch the interview, here are 10 things that I learned:

1. Both Marty and Fern are going to release solo projects before another group project. They aren’t breaking up, but want to continue to grow and challenge themselves to make better music.

2. Fern said that while he brings 100% effort to each song, he can’t be 100% himself because he needs to leave room for Marty and vice versa. We will see a more accurate picture of each artist on their solo projects.

3. Fern’s advice for artists: “Chase the dream responsibly.”

4. Social Club is booked for 3-4 events a week through the end of 2015. They try to tour with people who are friends, don’t want to just hop on a tour with random artists.

5. Pineapple was a code word the duo used if they needed help getting out a situation with an over-zealous fan. Rappers have tried to chase down their car after shows to hand out a mixtape.

6. Marty’s advice for artists: “Cut through the junk. Get the facts, deal with the problems.” He went on to talk about putting your ego aside to ultimately get things done for the Kingdom of God.

7. Numerous labels have made offers to the duo, but Fern sees no need to sign with a label. Nobody has brought anything to the table that they can’t achieve as independent artists.

8. We could be seeing Social Club on TV soon! They have potential shows with MTV and Lifetime.

9. Kids aren’t all wrapped up in the “Christian Rapper” debate, most fans just want their artist to put out quality music.

10. As a kid Marty wanted to draw comic books.

Check out the full interview below:

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