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10 Things I Learned from KB’s Interview w/ DJ Wade-O

DJ Wade-O recently sat down with Reach Records artist KB to talk about his upcoming album Tomorrow We Live, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, and Kendrick’s new album To Pimp a Butterfly. In case you didn’t catch the interview, here’s 10 things I learned:

1. KB thinks that Christians in the arts should be less literal and use different communication tactics like allegory, imagery, and metaphors. He sees these used throughout the Bible, and thinks it is an area where Christian Hip Hop can learn from mainstream artists.

2. The promo video for Tomorrow We Live was purposely ambiguous and open to interpretation. He tried to use metaphors that a diverse audience could identify with.

3. The KB we will hear on Tomorrow We Live is much more focused than the younger KB who gave us Weight & Glory. In his own words we will hear “a rapper who is very focused” on the project, his son, marriage, and community in Tampa.

4. Boxing is a big piece of who KB is, but (unlike during Weight & Glory) he wasn’t trying to be a boxer on the side during the creation of Tomorrow We Live.

5. Speaking on Andre Ward being part of Roc Nation’s boxing promotion wing, KB said that believers have “Biblical warrant to join any transaction that doesn’t put their faith at risk.”

6. KB doesn’t think it’s possible or beneficial for Christians to be secluded from secular culture and only engage in explicitly Christian things.

7. Part of the reason he believes that the “christian rapper” disagreement is still a debate is because we continue to bring it up.

8. KB started to understand the context for rappers like Lecrae wanting to be distanced from the “Christian Rapper” label when he had a conversation with Jeezy’s road manager on a plane. Once it came up that KB was a Christian, Jeezy’s road manager already thought he knew what the music would sound like.

9. Bubba Watson, a PGA golfer, is rapping on the album. He tells his story on the verse and according to KB, everyone who has heard the song was impressed with Bubba’s skill.

10. God’s Grace and a relationship between Reach and Capitol/Hillsong helped clear the “Oceans” sample.

Check out the full interview below:

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