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10 Things I Learned from Corey Paul’s Interview w/ DJ Wade-O

DJ Wade-O recently sat down with Collision Records’ newest artist Corey Paul to talk about his deal with Collision, the future of Frontline, and what it’s been like working with AT, Wit, Swoope and the rest of the label team. In case you didn’t catch the interview, here’s 10 things I learned:

1. All the questions people had about Corey’s deal with Collision were the same questions he was asking Adam Thomason (Collision CEO) when the idea first came up.

2. Corey thinks that he fits with Collision because he has similarities with the other artists signed to the label. Alex being from the South, Dre’s storytelling, and Swoope’s artistic ability are all things that he sees in his music.

3. At times Corey will listen to Dre Murray’s music before he writes.

4.  He ultimately went with Collision because they are good people who want to move the Gospel forward. He believes that AT, Wit and the label artists are helping him hone his skills.

5. Corey has recorded about 15-20 songs since signing with the label.

6. He sends music to Swoope, who sends back long emails providing track-by-track feedback and critique. Dre helps interpret the production terms that Corey doesn’t understand.

7. Corey accepts all of the feedback from people within the label because he has complete control over his lyrics.

8. Frontline isn’t a music label, but is a ministry that is “a product of what we (Corey & Reconcile) do when the mic is off.”

9. Corey believes that if Christian rappers want to reach urban youth, you have to have a “strong element of realness” in your music that comes from doing ministry in the streets and understanding the people.

10. Corey plans on releasing a project in 2015. He and Reconcile will be doing a Frontline tour over the summer, including a stop at Legacy Conference.

Bonus: Wade-O and Corey hinted at hosting a Frontline/Wade-O Radio Memorial Day BBQ in Houston this year.

Check out the full interview below:

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